Top Ten Credit Card Safety Tips


Authored by Lori Godin in Credit Card 
Published on 01-09-2009

There are hundreds of credit cards scams that enable the wrong people to gain your account and identity information. Identity theft is a major problem and can be avoided using these ten simple safety techniques for credit card use.

1. Watch where you shop. It is important to be aware of store policies when it comes to credit card use. How is your information protected? Are the systems used to process payment information secure?

2. Shred all information received from the credit card company. With the high instances of identity theft occurring throughout the country it is essential to take measures to avoid allowing others to view personal information.

3. When shopping online, ensure that only safe and secured websites are used for the purchases of gifts and other items. A locked padlock should be seen in the internet browser to ensure the maximum safety measures are being taken.

4. Use automated banking machines at the bank over machines located at convenience stores and within malls. Using these bank machines reduces the risk of identity theft from information being scanned as the card is swiped through the banking machine.

5. Report a card lost or stolen immediately after the card has been discovered lost or the information has been stolen. The credit card company can immediately place a hold on the account, as well as any purchases made through the account can be protected under purchase protection.

6. Ensure credit cards are signed the moment that they are received and activated. Signing the credit card reduces the chance of the card being used in a case of identity theft.

7. Keep account numbers written in a safe place that cannot be accessed by others. Credit card account numbers should not be written within the wallet, or any other area where they can be easily accessed.

8. Never lend credit cards to anyone or allow anyone to use the number to make purchases over the telephone or the internet. It is important to be aware of all credit card activity and prevent future use of card information.

9. Check your account statement each month for regular and periodic use. Customers that check the account statement are more likely to catch identity theft before it becomes devastating to the card holder.

10. Don’t keep extra copies of credit cards in the house, unless they are in a safe, under lock and key. An extra credit card can be couriered to the card holder in as little as a day – therefore it is important to avoid keeping excess copies of the credit card at home.


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