Top Ten Reasons for Divorce

Divorce is all too common in today’s society. Some marriages could be saved if people tried to work through their problems. In other cases, it is in everyone’s best interests to divorce. There are many different reasons for divorce. This articles will discuss the top ten reasons for divorce.

1. Infidelity is one of the most common reasons for divorce. Some couples work through infidelity. However, there are many people who cannot get past a cheating spouse. Many spouses distrust their other spouse and are unable to move forward with their unfaithful partner. Sometimes a man or woman simply cheats one too many times and the marriage dissolves.

2. Emotional abuse is another frequently reported reason for divorce. This form of abuse leaves scars that no one can see. If a woman (or man) and/or their children are being emotionally abused, the hurt and anger can build up until that person realizes that they must seek a divorce.

3. Physical abuse is another cause of divorce. There are many women who are afraid to leave abusive husbands. They are threatened and intimidated into staying. Fortunately, there are some women who find the courage to leave an abusive husband for their own sake or that of their children. Of course, in some cases a man might be the person who is being physically abused.

4. Divorce is sometimes a result of a couple realizing they are just not as compatible as they thought. Everyone in this world is different. People are all unique and have their own experiences and views from life. In some cases, people are just too different to get along and to create a stable life together.

5. Many couples have difficulty communicating. Most couples have communication barriers at time. However, for some couples, the problems communicating are just to much for them to overcome. One spouse feels that they cannot talk to the other spouse or that they are not appreciated and understood.

6. One of the most common causes of divorce is financial difficulties. All couples fight over money from time to time. The problem becomes serious if one spouse spends too much money. If a couple is struggling financially for any reason, they often start to fight constantly over money and who is at fault. Sometimes the problems lead to divorce rather than solutions.

7. No one wants to talk about it, but sometimes sexual problems result in divorce. If a couple is not compatible in the bedroom it can cause problems. Sometimes couples break up if one person is having sexual dysfunction. There are some spouses who cannot accept the problems. In other cases a spouse is supportive but the individual who is having problems feels insecure and this results in a struggle.

8. If one half of a couple starts to change their priorities, this can result in divorce. For example, if one person wants to mature and start a family and the other does not, this can create conflict. Sometimes one individual starts spending less time with their family and focusing on other priorities. This too, can create a struggle for a marriage to survive.

9. Marriages sometimes break up because one of the spouses does not live up to the expectations of the other. In some cases, the person who is disappointed with their spouse decides to call it quits. In other cases, the spouse who does not meet their spouses expectations, gets tired of always falling short in the eyes of their loved one.

10. Addictions can result in couples getting divorced. If one spouse is an alcoholic, for instance they might be too difficult to live with and in some cases even dangerous. The same is true for people who are addicted to drugs or addicted to gambling.


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