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Top Tips for Men’s Fashion Accessories

The average male considers fashion accessories to be his wallet and watch, but with a little bit of know-how you could throw some added subtle flair into the mix without much fuss.

The main thing to grasp about accessorising for men is that less is more. Some small added touches can give you a unique edge while being effortlessly stylish and versatile all year round.

The following guide will give you a quick understanding of the most important things to understand about men’s accessories.


Here more than any other accessory, men’s jewellery must be understated – the rule of thumb if in doubt about wearing that blingy ring or bracelet is simply DON’T. While jewellery such as earrings and necklaces for men made a weird comeback in the 80s, it is definitely now a fashion no-no that will have women looking at you with scorn. You can’t go wrong with a classic watch – always a stylish addition that can say a lot about the type of man you are. And while rubber bracelets and the like are generally only to be worn by teenage boys, if you  like to wear a little something on your wrist other than a timepiece then stick with a bracelet that is tasteful and of a material expressly meant for men such as leather, paracord or fishhook closures. The Miansai collection is a good example.

Man Bags

Carrying a bag is a good idea for practical purposes no matter what your gender, but obviously you want to keep things masculine at the same time. Here are the two main types of bags that men should own for usefulness as well as appeal.

The Messenger Bag

Whether you’re lugging your laptop or work files,  there’s nothing like the classic leather messenger bag for stylish organisation. Something like the Ben Sherman messenger bag is a good pick, since apart from looking good it has a zippered pocket in both the front and back plus a padded laptop compartment to both conceal and protect.


While backpacks are just the ticket when you’ve got loads of varied stuff to carry, they needn’t make you look as if you’re setting off on a camping trip. The Herschel Survey Backpack for example is both sturdy and stylish – something you could take on a walk as well as lunch at a nice restaurant.

Baseball Cap

A classic addition to any man’s wardrobe – apart from being a great sun screener, the good old baseball cap is versatile when complimenting casual clothes, sexy and looks best when worn-in to perfectly shape your head. You can’t go wrong with this item.

Wallet & Money Clip

While the traditional wallet square tucked in the back pocket of your jeans is a timeless look, this certainly isn’t true if you’re wearing trousers as it can ruin the way the material hangs. You might also want to bear in mind that a wallet in your back pocket is an easy mark for pick pockets in busy areas. The type of wallet worn in your front pocket or inner coat pocket not only has a slimmer look but also improves your posture. Nevertheless, if a leather wallet isn’t your bag, consider a sleek money clip to discreetly and suavely hold your cash.


Since the Ray-Ban brand made them famous, sunglasses have become as much a style necessity as a practical one. It’s best to get a high-end pair as not only will they look like quality, they will have the right ultra-violet radiation protection against the sun for your eyes. As a general rule of thumb though, those big 80s type sunglasses are definitely not on, they’re simply not cool anymore, nor should they ever have been! Do make sure you choose a pair that balance nicely with the shape of your face – if unsure ask a savvy female what looks good.

Clarifying Common Accessory Confusions

As a final word on the subject of accessorising, I think it’s important to clarify some issues that many men find confusing and often get wrong. In the same way that your shoes should always match your belt, your socks should always match your pants. There, simply done. In addition, some other crucial tips are to never wear formal shoes that are lighter than your trousers, never EVER wear white formal shoes or a white belt and always have your tie at a length that reaches your belt.


From the classically cool baseball cap to the stylish but practical Herschel backpack, the above guide lets men easily get their head around the main fashion accessory dos and don’ts. To put it simply guys, if you follow this advice you’ll never again hear your girlfriend or wife gasp or sigh disapprovingly when you get dressed to go out!

About the Author: Anastasia Koko is an independent fashion retailer and Herschel backpack enthusiast.


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