Top Tips for Running in the Rain


Authored by Kate Beswick in Exercise
Published on 06-08-2009

Ardent runners won’t let a few raindrops stop them from beating the path on their daily run. Still, running in the rain does have its own challenges and obstacles that you must be prepared for. Of course, the biggest challenge is going to be the constant downpour coming down on you while you’re trying to complete your run. Things such as a wet ground can also get in your way. Read here for the top tips on how to safely run in the rain.

If you’re wearing proper shoes for running, you’re most likely wearing proper shoes for running in the rain. A good athletic running shoe will have the traction and treads that you need to keep you from slipping in wet conditions. However, you may want to keep a spare pair around. The shoes you wear in the rain today may be fine today. Tomorrow, however, you may not want to put on soggy running shoes.

As well as keeping your feet planted firmly on the ground, you may also want to think about keeping your face dry as well. Just as you would wear a wide-brimmed hat in the sunshine, wearing it in the rain can also eliminate distraction by keeping rain away from your face.

Running in the rain requires many layers of clothing. Your first layer, or the one closest to your skin, should be very light and made of a material that will draw moisture and sweat away from your skin. If you need another layer on top of the first, make sure it is something that is very lightweight and that can breathe easily so that sweat isn’t trapped. The outer layer should be something that will keep the wind and rain at bay, such as a windbreaker or a light vest. Although you absolutely want to make sure that you’re dressing in layers, you also need to dress appropriately for the temperature outside. Overdoing it with the layers will only make you become more water-logged. This can then leave you with heavier, wet clothing to carry around with you.

Chafing can also sometimes become a problem when running and this is never truer than when you’re running in the rain. Because of the extra layers that you’re wearing, you may sweat more. The clothing may rub up against and irritate your skin. If you find this becomes a problem, be sure to cover the vulnerable areas with a protective petroleum jelly before you head out for your run.

A garbage bag with arm and neck holes really is the best thing to wear in the rain. You will not only keep dry from the protective plastic, but it’s also extremely light. If it stops raining on your run, you can simply rip it off and throw it out. If you need a raincoat, make certain to find the lightest material possible. While light is good, make sure that it will also keep you fully protected from the rain.


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