Top Trends in Window Treatments

If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then why can’t windows be the eyes of a home? Any lady will tell you that a properly done up eye will intrigue a host of suitors, so it is probably also true that a properly treated window will invite guests into your home. Whether you are looking to revamp your current window treatments or start from scratch, these top trends in window treatments will ensure that you are in vogue.

Go green: The green movement doesn’t only apply to fuel, automobiles, and energy; you can go green with your window treatments as well. Using organic materials like bamboo shades and hemp draperies not only will ensure that your home is eco-friendly, but also will ensure that your window dressings stay on trend. Who knew that going green could look so good?

Color me trendy: Color is a huge trend in window treatments. No longer do your curtains and shades have to blend in with the color of your walls. Colorful window treatments can become a focal point in any room. Top colors for 2009 include fuchsia, lemon, lavender, slate gray, burnt sienna, and olive.

Lap of luxury: With the economy in poor standing, few people have disposable income to devote to redecorating an entire room. However, spending a little dough on luxurious window treatments can make your entire room feel refreshed. Try fabrics that are textural and showy like silk, velvet, or linen. Even during a rough economy, using luxe fabrics will make you feel like a million bucks.

Clean lines: A trend that will probably never go out of style is using sleek, modern lines. Window treatments that aren’t cluttered or fussy will always reign supreme. Roman shades are still a popular option, and new panel-track systems are leaving vertical blinds in the dust. Panel-track systems, inspired by shoji screens, can be made from woven-wood or fabric. In the world of trendy window treatments, less is always more.

Big and bold: These aren’t your grandmother’s floral draperies. Using bright, bold, and vivid geometric and floral patterns are on trend when it comes to window treatments. Take a break from the norm and venture out into the world of daring design. Try livening up your windows with an interesting print, or keep it more low-key with a bold stripe.

Tech trend: This is the computer age, so did you really think that window treatments would be out of the mix? High tech and remote-controlled window treatments are all the rage, and this is one trend that is around to stay. Technological advancements are constantly being made in the world of window dressing to enhance privacy and convenience. Already lying in your cozy bed, and you just realized that you forgot to close the blinds? No worries. These days all you have to do is flip a switch or even go online and control your window treatments via the Internet!

Selecting window treatments does not have to be a boring task, especially with all of the new, exciting, and eco-friendly options available. By following these tips for window treatments you are sure to always be on trend.


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