Top Wedding Gown Designers


Authored by Jackie Acosta in Wedding
Published on 11-19-2008

The wedding gown is the most important item in the wedding checklist. Every bride deserves the best wedding dress according to her own taste, in searching for the “BEST” it might help to take a peek into the collection of the best known wedding gown designers who dictate the industry standards for a great wedding dress. These are a few designers who are behind celebrity weddings and the featured bridal pieces in top magazines.

One of the best known fashion designers who specialize in wedding gowns is Vera Wang. Her portfolio includes the bridal gown of celebrities such as Mariah Carey, Kerenna Gore and… Barbie doll bride! Vera Wang uses the best quality of fabrics and intricate details for fine bridal gowns. She is also known for mixing classic and modern in her designs which make her dresses elegant and unique. Vera Wang is also one of the few designers who can make “simple” luxurious and special.

Monique Lhuillier is comparatively new name in the celebrity bridal designers list. Focusing on more sophisticated, rich and romantic looks, she entered the bridal design industry with a bang in 1996. Monique Lhuillier has a knack for mixing different textures of fabrics for a grandeur feel.

Funky brides would definitely turn to Vivienne Westwood for inspiration. Known for modern punk designs through the years, she made a big noise in the bridal design scene when the famous ladies’ fashionista, Carrie Bradshaw, wore her gown in the movie version of Sex and the City. Vivienne Westwood plays with exaggerated layers, points, curves and silhouettes for a funky yet elegant look.

The great duo Mark Badgley and James Mischka are known to produce “40’s Hollywood” inspired collection. According to their website, the style they go for is “simple, stream-lined and thoroughly elegant.” With a twist of the theme, bridal dresses designed by this duo would definitely have a classic, romantic look.

While the latest collections of top designers can be viewed from their websites, the designs should only serve as a source of inspiration. It is important to note that the cloth, lace and other details used in the designer gowns set it apart from other bridal gowns and attempting to copy straight out from a designer catalogue has many disadvantages. Copying a design that does not match the cloth that a local designer can offer may prove to be disastrous. Copying a design straight from a designer catalogue would also mean that the gown for a person’s special wedding is not unique. Aside from the original designer gown, hundreds of brides probably copied the same design already. Too much of a risk for such an important event!

For those who are dreaming of owning a designer bridal dress that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, a better option would be to purchase a dress online. These are sites that sell designer bridal gowns at a good discount, sometimes for as low as 70%. With this option it is important to make sure that the available stock is the right size.


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