Toshiba vs. HP Laptops

Toshiba and HP laptops are two of the most popular brands on the market. Each laptop offers something different to their users. Toshiba and HP are comparable. When comparing, there isn’t a clear winner. Your own individual needs will help you determine whether Toshiba or HP is best for you.

Battery Life

Laptops are supposed to be portable. The longer you can use your laptop without the adapter, the better. HP laptops are extremely strong in this department. Not only do HP laptop batteries last longer per use, they have a longer overall life.

Toshiba laptop batteries have the same length per use for around six months. Battery life then starts to decrease. Within a year, most users begin using their Toshiba laptop as a desktop, meaning it’s constantly connected to an AC adapter. Since Windows 7 was introduced, Toshiba has introduced a new line of laptops that promise much better battery life.


Both HP laptops and Toshiba laptops are moderately priced. Both also have higher priced, higher end models. In comparing the two, HP laptops offer more RAM and larger hard drives than Toshiba laptops for the same price. Toshiba laptops often offer larger screen sizes for a lower price than HP laptops.

Customer Service

When you buy a laptop, you hope you’ll never have to contact customer service for anything. If you do; however, you want the experience to be a good one. Both HP and Toshiba have numerous customer service representatives. In comparing my own and other users’ experiences, customer service is about the same for both companies. Response times for repairs, length of time on hold and ease of finding an actual person to speak to depend mainly on the time of day, type of problem and which customer service representative you speak to. As a side note, Toshiba laptop users report more frequent hardware problems than HP laptop users.

Other Features

HP laptops provide better graphic and audio cards than Toshiba laptops. This provides gamers with a much better experience. Toshiba laptops are typically geared more towards the average and business users, where excellent audio and video isn’t necessary. Both laptops are easy to use and understand, however.

Both laptops offer the same types of processors for the same price. HP laptops provide users with Light Scribe technology, which allows users to print labels in their optical drives, while Toshiba laptops don’t offer this. For users that travel, durability is important. HP laptops used to be much more durable than Toshiba laptops. However, this is changing as Toshiba has recently released a line of much more travel friendly laptops which are meeting with much praise from users.

In conclusion, HP laptops are best overall. You receive more features for the same price. However, Toshiba laptops are quickly gaining ground. Both offer better features and performance than their other competitors. When shopping, compare features carefully. If you don’t find the features you want, go to Toshiba or HP’s website to create a customized laptop. Depending on sales and specials, one may offer better features for the same price.


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