Toshiba vs. Sony Laptops


Authored by Phil Dotree in Computer Hardware
Published on 12-10-2009

Two of the biggest laptop manufacturers in the world are Sony and Toshiba. The companies produce dozens of different laptop models for different markets. If you’re heading to the store to check out laptops, you’re probably going to look at a few from either company. That’s why it’s important to consider the major differences between the brands.

Here’s a look at the pros and cons of Sony and Toshiba laptops.


The features of any two laptops will be different. Unfortunately, I can’t simply say that Sony or Toshiba makes a better product. They both make too many products for such a sweeping generalization to be true. It is true to say that Sony puts a ton of money into research and development. This means that very often the Sony giant displays some of the best laptops in the world. The Sony VAIO brand is especially legendary in computer technology. Toshiba doesn’t have anything to compare to this.

Toshiba does, however, have a lot of strong offerings. At the top end, their dual core laptops are incredibly powerful. If you’re looking for something that’s incredibly cutting edge, Sony might be the place to go. Toshiba is right behind them, though. Unless you want to use a laptop for serious processing there should be options for you from both brands.

Both Toshiba and Sony laptops often fare well in hardware quality ratings. Neither has a long history of faulty or especially accident prone hardware. Both manufacturers also boast high user satisfaction rates.

Customer Service

One very important area to consider when discussing laptop computers is customer service. In this area, Sony’s got Toshiba beat, at least according to the Internet consensus.

Most complaints are resolved quickly by either company. However, Sony has a better reputation according to a small amount of Google research. There’s a lot of dirt out there about Toshiba’s customer service. That’s not to say that all of it’s true. This is, after all, coming from unverified sources on the Internet. Sony has more of an international presence, though, so it makes sense for them to have a more developed customer service department.


Sony is a bigger name than Toshiba. This means that Toshiba laptops tend to cost quite a bit less on average. Again, it depends on the model of computer you’re looking at. Many older Sony laptops will cost less than modern Toshibas. However, with two equally powered laptops, the Toshiba laptop will tend to cost less.

If you’re on a budget, this is enough to make the Toshiba a clear choice. If you’re on an extreme budget you might consider looking for used versions of either Sony or Toshiba laptops. Remember that laptops lose their value very quickly. You can often get laptops for a steal on websites like eBay and even Craigslist. Even when looking at use laptops, the Toshibas will tend to cost less.

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