Traditional Spanish Dishes

Spanish food is one of the most widely loved types of cuisine in the world. The great thing about Spanish dishes is that they are always so unique and delicious. Authentic Spanish food is the best of course. Anyone who has the chance to do some traveling and have Spanish dishes prepared fresh in front of them is more than lucky. However, people should know that they can also recreate these dishes right in their own homes.

There are some fabulous traditional Spanish dishes that can be prepared in the home. People of the Spanish culture tend to eat a good breakfast in the morning and then a large midday meal followed by a smaller supper.

For a real taste of Spain, a great dish to start with is tapas. This is a great idea for a starter to a meal and is incredibly easy to prepare. So even for the eager chefs who have not prepared any Spanish dishes before, this recipe will be a snap. For a breakfast meal, this should consist of a cup of coffee with a slice of toast or a pastry. Remember that while breakfast is considered as being the most important meal of the day, in Spain they like to keep it quite small portion-wise.

One of the Spanish favorites for breakfast is torrijas, which is a Spanish take on bread pudding. It is sweet but toned down enough for the morning. Orange juice goes great with torrijas and a plate of freshly cut fruit would be delightful here as well.

For a traditional Spanish midday dish, there are certainly more than enough delectable recipes to choose from. Tomato and drunken goat cheese salad may sound like an amusing meal but it is one of the favorites in Spain. Gazpacho is another widely popular Spanish recipe and one that most people are familiar with. Tortilla de patata which is a potato-based recipe is also quite delicious and a filling dish at lunchtime.

Following on with dinner, again there are plenty of tempting Spanish dishes to choose from. Traditional Spanish dinner dishes include anything from Spanish rice and tortillas to the traditional Spanish soup. Simplicity is the key for a Spanish dinner. Guacamole is a nice appetizer to have around for a snack.

People often get scared off by the idea of cooking traditional Spanish dishes. It should be an experience and not a fear. It can take time and practice to master another culture’s cuisine. For the best results, taking a cooking class is a great idea. This allows people the chance to learn firsthand about the different ingredients used and how to apply them in the kitchen to prepare Spanish dishes. The family is certainly going to love trying out these mouth watering dishes at home and are sure to request them time and again.

Spanish food is delicious there is no doubt about it. The key to learning how to understand Spanish cuisine truly lies in its peasant cookery. Everything is so simple with Spanish cooking and it is all about bringing people together and getting them to enjoy a good meal.


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