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Traits that Distinguish a Good Guest Speaker

While a good speaker can ensure the success of an event, a bad one can make the entire presentation fall flat. What characterises a good guest speaker? Before you select an individual to act in this role for an event, it is important that you know the things that make him/her a competent presenter.

Here are the traits that distinguish the good speakers from the average ones.

Personality: The speaker of your choice must have the personality to correspond to the event and its purpose. He/she must also be appropriate for the role set for him/her. For example, if entertainment is the sole purpose of appointing a speaker for an event, a well-known comedian may be the perfect choice.

Specialisation: If the event you are planning requires the presenter to pass on information of a specific nature, it is important that you choose someone who has adequate knowledge of the field. It is wise to select someone who has worked in the same field for considerable time to handle the task.   

Sense of humour: A few jokes or witty anecdotes can be the perfect way to break the monotony of a speech. Look for someone whose sense of humour brings the right dose of charm to the presentation. However, he/she must also know when to stop.

Confidence: Speaking in front of a group of unknown people is often a difficult task. A positive attitude can, however, overcome this obstacle. It is better to opt for public speakers who have already handled presentations at similar events. This ensures that he/she will have the confidence to accomplish the task.

Communication skills: Do not focus on the way an individual delivers a speech alone when you need him/her for an interactive session. He/she may also need to answer questions from the attendees at the event. Make sure the individual you choose has appropriate skills for presenting the matter and fielding questions about it as well.

Experience: Someone who can memorise a scripted speech well is not the best speaker. While it is important to have a good idea about what he/she needs to say at the event, it is equally imperative to have a good idea about how to handle unforeseen incidents. Only an experienced presenter has this kind of expertise.  

Diligence: While confidence and sense of humour can help salvage a situation, the speaker must not rely on these alone. He/she needs to be aware of the type and purpose of the event, the time and venue, who they are speaking to and so on. A great speech can be crafted only on the basis of ample research.

The next question is – where do you look for a presenter who has all these traits? You may conduct an independent search to find such an individual. However, it is easier to find the right speaker with the help of an agency. You could check their database or consult them to get advice about the matter.

Author Bio

Celia Barrymoreis an event management consultant. She emphasises on the qualities that make an individual a good guest speaker. She also suggests that you use the services of an agency to find the right candidates, whether you need motivational speakers for inspirational speeches or after dinner speakers for entertainment.


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