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Traits to Look out for in a Display Design and Manufacturing Service

  • By Steven Hays
  • Published 09/20/2012

Different types of signs and displays are effective advertising and marketing tools that a business may use to draw attention at exhibitions and trade shows. It is important to make your presence felt at the event. However, for this, it is necessary to find a competent sign and display design service.

How do you select a sign and display design service? Here are a few characteristics that mark a proficient service.

The range of products: Whether a business needs display items as large as branded gazebos or as small as pop up stands for exhibitions, a competent service would be able to provide every product required. Before you select any company, check their range of products to make sure that they could cater to your business requirements.

The quality of products: The displays involve a considerable investment for a business. Make sure the products you purchase are of high quality so that you may use them for a long time. Check the hardware and fabrics used in the signs and displays. Only good quality products would offer value for your money.

The industry experience: Only when a sign design and manufacturing service has experience in the field would they be able to create well-designed displays. This is essential to draw the attention of the target market and convey the necessary details within the 30 second attention span that an average individual spares for a display.

The customer service: Check whether the service has a dedicated customer service team whom you may contact whenever there is any need. If necessary, the service may also help you choose the right type of displays for the exhibition and design them according to the specific purpose of your business.

The flexibility of the service: Whether you want to create the artwork for the displays on your own or you want the professional designers to handle this task, the service needs to accommodate your requirements. If you do not have professional designers in your organisation, it is better to let the display design service complete this task.

The turnaround time: Competent display design and manufacturing services would be able to provide you the products you require within as short a time as 5 working days. However, the turnaround time depends on the volume of your order and the complexity of the designs. Some services offer faster turnaround for an additional fee.

The best value for money: A business needs to invest a considerable sum of money for the signs and displays. Make sure the service offers products that ensure the best value for your money. It is possible to achieve your purpose with the right display; however, this is possible only when you choose the right display design and manufacturing service.

Flags and signs, pull up banners, wave systems, banner stands, and many other items are available for businesses to put together an interesting display at an exhibition. However, for this, you need to buy the displays from a competent service. Check the products available from the service before you make any decision.

Author Bio: Steven Hayes is working in an advertising agency. He provides tips and suggestions about the use of different products like pop up stands to create successful exhibition displays.



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