Transgenerational Healing With Family Constellations

All of us want harmony and peace in our relationships and deeply desire that every member of our family feels joyful and loved. But life is not easy, and disharmony with loved ones does disturb mental peace. Sometimes we seek psychiatric help or psychotherapy to heal ourselves. Some families may experience unfortunate events through generations and believe they are ‘jinxed.’ A good example in history is the Kennedy family.

Family constellations is a group-based psychotherapeutic process that seeks trans-generational healing. It was inspired and evolved by Bert Hellinger, a German psychotherapist. It aims at healing not just the individual but the family as well. Native Americans believe that when an individual heals, seven generations before and seven generations after also get healed. Sometimes traumatic events like suicide of a family member, death of a child, sibling or parent, separation from a parent due to divorce, abortion, war, murder, natural disasters, the holocaust, sexual abuse, etc., are experienced in families. An ancestor may have been labeled the ‘black sheep’ of the family and remained unacknowledged by future generations. When a family member is not given his due share of respect and acceptance, future generations can be negatively affected.

Universal laws expect that all of us acknowledge each incarnated soul and respect it without judgment. Every soul has charted its own plan for sorting out karma in ways best known to its individual soul essence. Unfortunately we sometimes forget this and subject our less fortunate brothers to untold pain, misery and victimization through a judgmental attitude. As a result, families experience misfortune and disharmony when the ‘orders of love’ have been disrupted in the past because the misdeed of an ancestor remained concealed from younger generations. When suppressed they remain unresolved and haunt future members of a family by disturbing the natural flow of love in a family through generations. These issues tend to reflect on family members, who face relationship problems, fears, addictions, personality disorders, physical disease, compulsions, etc. A family constellation can bring such issues to light and effect healing by restoring the ‘orders of love’ in a family system.

The Process

The facilitator gets a brief idea from the client about the issue for which resolution is sought. He may inquire about his/her family background or any painful event that may have occurred. The client then selects representatives from the group and arranges them in a manner that feels appropriate to him/her at the moment. He/she remains an observer throughout the process. The facilitator conducting the constellation observes the responses of the individuals in the constellation, and may call for verbal expression or spatial movement of the representatives. Hidden bonds between family members, harmonious or otherwise, come to the surface and are expressed through the physical sensations and emotional responses experienced by the representatives. These may be sensed due to distance or proximity to other members in the constellation.

As souls on an earthly mission, we are all energetically connected to each other through the collective consciousness and remain so even after death. The collective consciousness is a morphogenetic field of vibrant energy where every thought, verbal expression and deed of every incarnated soul is stored in the form of an energy imprint. Representatives in constellations are able to tap into the energy field of a family member and experience his/her emotional pain caused by a traumatic event or issue. They will even act and behave exactly like them even though they may have never met or known the member they represent. When hidden bonds are accepted and released profound healing occurs. It can bring about an attitudinal shift in the seeker/client as well as members of his/her family even through observation of the constellation being enacted.

Constellation work is a powerful, healing group therapy that can benefit entire families. With the release of negative energies, unconscious burdens carried from the past are shed and deep healing is experienced within members of a family. Past generations receive their due through the balancing of subtle energies and future generations can be saved from suffering similar fates.

Being a representative in a constellation or even witnessing one can be just as insightful and healing, particularly when the issue seeking resolution is of relevance. Constellation work can also be done for healing issues within organizations and is just as effective. Visit the following links for more details:


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