Travel with Your Favorite Star on a Celebrity Cruise

I am sure you have heard of celebrity cruises. There are widespread advertisements on television, radio, and even the Internet. Who would not want to be in a cruise with his or her favorite celebrity? This could your once-in-a-lifetime chance to be near them. And perhaps, if you’re a bit luckier, you could even get the chance to be with them. The offer is undeniably attractive: there are fewer people aboard a ship, compared with trying to chase your favorite actor during promotional events and fan meetings.

The big question you have to ask yourself is “Are these cruises worth it?” You must realize that celebrity cruises are more expensive compared with traditional cruises. So you might want to think twice before booking a reservation in a celebrity cruise.

This type of cruise primarily aims to attract fan travelers, which is a good marketing strategy for cruise lines because many will grab the opportunity. They would book famous television personalities, movie actors and actresses, and musicians because they know that fans will follow their idols.

Before deciding, you need to consider several things. Your favorite celebrities are compensated for being in the cruise and you are the one who will sacrifice for such compensation; that is why you are paying more than what might be the regular cost.

Also, Hollywood actors and musicians agree to such deals with cruise lines not only to get on a cruise for free, but often to promote their upcoming shows or a product that they are currently endorsing. Celebrities also join cruise ships for charity. Aside from the possibility of getting close with your favorite celebrity, this can be a great way for you to help or increase awareness on charities that need assistance.

Another factor that is worth noting is the length of time the celebrity will spend on the cruise. Are they staying for the entire duration of the cruise or are they staying for a day only? Or worse, will they stay only for a few hours? Remember that celebrities are often busy so spending too much time in a cruise may not fit in their schedule. If this is the case, then it may not be worth spending all that money for just an hour with your idol.

Despite this, if you still want to go cruising, you just have to find out the exact day and time when your favorite celebrity will be onboard. Also, try to find out ahead of time if you may be able to dine with the celebrity, or get a picture and an autograph. Otherwise, your money may not be worth it at all.

Lastly, know how many passengers the ship would accommodate because if there are too many, you may not get the chance to meet your favorite star, especially if he or she is staying for a short period of time only. This could be your only chance to interact with your idol, so you have to make it count.


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