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Perched on the Northern tip of Borneo, the Malaysian state of Sabah offers a variety flavors that make the island a dream tourist destination. Sabah is most popular for being the home to South East Asia’s highest mountain, Mount Kinabalu which is a good two hour drive from the provincial capital of Kota Kinabalu.

Most come to Sabah for a taste of adventure and a sense of challenge in taking on Mount Kinabalu. All tourists are required to have a registered tour guide before leaving for the expedition. Tour guides and porters are available in the part entrance.

There are two trails to choose from that lead to Low’s Peak, or the highest peak of Mount Kinabalu. The Summit Trail is the more popular choice – and not because it is less challenging! Thrill seekers can also opt to climb the mountain via ferrata which is a mountain path of bridges, cables and wires embedded into the mountains rocks to enable climbers to get on the peak. The whole trek normally takes 2-3 days to complete. Lodges, sheds and shelters are available along the way to make sure that campers are fairly comfortable. Once on Low’s Peak, people are only allowed to bask in their triumph and enjoy the beautiful mountain view for a maximum of thirty minutes to prevent the risk of altitude sickness.

For a unique experience of the wild, the Sepilok Rehabilitation Centre is one of the 2 places in the world where orangutans can be seen in their natural habitat. These adorable yet fierce creatures roam freely in this safe habitat. Feeding time is at 10 a.m. which is the best time to visit as the “forest people” as they are called in Malay, are up and about playing on their ropes, jumping from tree to tree while eating their bananas and milk!

After the “big boys” are done with their meals, the Makak Monkeys then come to feed on the left-over. A cute and heart-warming experience for nature lovers! This is only the beginning of a wild tour. Hop on the boat down the Kinabatangan river and play “spot the animals” as the list includes elephants, crocodiles, monkeys, wild boars, exotic birds and many more! The tour ends with another heart-warming scene of a turtle sanctuary.

There are overnight tours available for tourists to enjoy the beach. What people come for is not the usual snorkeling and sun-bathing tour though. At night, the turtles come out of the see to burry their precious eggs in the sand, for a good view of this touching scene, be sure to reserve in advance.

Aside from the mountain adventure and the wildlife fun, Sabah also offers a variety of rich flavors in their menu. Local delicacies such as Laksa, beef rendang and different kinds of sea food are widely available in the province. After a mouth-watering feast, tourists can also enjoy great service at the local spas!

Sabah is a unique place where luxury, adventure and taste are combined for a uniquely Asian experience.


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