Treadmills For a Small Apartment


Authored by Douglas Mefford in Exercise 
Published on 05-14-2009

Walking and jogging are two very effective cardiovascular exercises that can help keep a person healthier and in better shape. These exercises also have in common the ability to perform them on a treadmill rather than having to find a safe place to run. However, for many people who live in small apartments, finding a treadmill that fits in the limited space can be the least of the problems they may encounter.

Generally an apartment dweller will find a treadmill that is designed to fold up when not in use so it can be stored away in a closet or under a bed. This feature can be as important as the various monitors that you can have equipped on the treadmill. A heart-rate gauge is needed to make sure you are increasing the heart-rate and getting the proper level of workout from the treadmill. A mileage indicator is also useful for keeping up with the equivalent distances you are needing to do. Fortunately there are many makes and models of treadmills on the market, so finding one with all the required features that will also store in a small space are worth the research.

The biggest problem most people have with their treadmill when they are using it in a small apartment is the noise and vibration from the machine possibly disturbing the neighbors. Even one that has a specially designed “quiet” motor can cause the building’s structure to vibrate and pass this vibration along support joists and beams. This can occur even in newly constructed apartment buildings, not just the older one’s that have had time to “settle in”. The first step to minimizing this problem is to place the treadmill near a wall rather than the middle of the floor.

Another effective method of reducing the vibrations created by using your treadmill is to build a shock-absorbing pad under the device. Acquiring some 1/2-inch rubber matting, a piece of foam rubber and a piece of plywood can do this. Making sure these are large enough to fit under the treadmill, begin with the first rubber mat on the floor, followed by the foam rubber mat on it. Then the plywood should be placed over this and the second rubber mat placed on top. Once you have put your treadmill on this vibration-absorbing mat, you should find that the extraneous vibrations transmitted to the building structure have been greatly diminished.

Another aspect of successful small apartment treadmill exercising is to consult with any of your neighbors that may be affected by the noise of your machine. Working out a time where your exercise coincides with their work times or finding a time when your workout is expected will prevent a lot of social friction. Having taken them into consideration will usually make finding a workout time that is beneficial to everyone and can prevent such problems as landlord complaints or visits from the police for disturbance of the peace. Just because you live in a small apartment, a bit of thought and consideration of others should not stop you from enjoying a healthy exercise session.


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