Treating ADHD Without Medication

Most of the time when you hear a parent speak of their child having ADHD, those children are medicated and the parent is speaking of how the medication is affecting the child. In fact, often times it seems that the medication makes the entire situation worse. But parents are left wondering what else to do. Their doctors seem to have limited information on treating ADHD without medication. When you think about it, that’s not really all that unusual in this society.

People tend to perceive the world in the context of what they know about the world from their own viewpoint. Therefore if you take your child to a professional who makes a living writing prescriptions, chances are he or she is going to do what they know how to do instead of advising you of how you could be treating ADHD without medication. There are ways to do so, but they aren’t going to be found through someone who uses medication to treat ailments on a regular basis.

Treating ADHD without medication means having some patience and thinking outside the box a bit. Many times the parents are so overwhelmed by the behavior of the child that their hearts are breaking as all they can see is the negative things that seem to be taking over their child. These are the same parents who should step back and try to see that the frustration they feel probably can’t compare with how their child feels. It’s time to stop focusing on the negative and start looking for the positive.

Treating ADHD without medication can be as simple as changing the way you view the disorder and preparing yourself with the proper tools to deal with it. Having a child who has ADHD doesn’t mean the child is ADHD, it’s simply a part of them and life needs to be adjusted accordingly.

Talk with the child about treating ADHD without medication. Ask them what makes them feel better? Is there something that you can do or help them do that would relieve the anxiety that comes from lack of focus and a lack of impulse control? See what your child has to say. They may have their own ideas about treating ADHD without medication. After all, it is their body and mind that is struggling.

If you know of a particular item that helps calm them down, use this when treating ADHD without medication. It may simply be an item to fidget with, like a stress ball. Whatever it is, your child may need it more than they need medication. Try to create coping skills and times when it’s okay to walk away from the situation. As parents, if you don’t work with the child and simply try to change them instead, they will perceive that you don’t even like them. Don’t let this happen to your child.

Treating ADHD without medication means it’s time to stop and listen to the child. It’s time to accept them for who they are.


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