Treatment For Swollen Liver Problems


Authored by Jayant Row in Diseases
Published on 05-17-2009

The liver is an extremely important organ in the body and helps to convert plasma into blood. Liver pain generally appears on the right side just under the rib cage and in the upper regions. This can be caused by free fluid around the liver in the abdominal cavity and will produce pain in the right shoulder. Breathing can be a painful exercise and the patient may complain of a full feeling in the rib cage. The pain caused by a swollen liver is not necessarily a sharp pain. It could be a dull ache to which most people dismiss as problems with the digestive system. Blood and Urine tests are the best indicators of any malfunctioning of the liver.

Conditions in the body which can cause the liver to swell are cirrhosis of the liver, an enlarged liver, fatty liver disease, hemochromatosis, hepatitis, liver cancer and liver cysts. The other symptoms that occur along with liver swelling are an enlarged abdomen, problems with eating, an enlarged spleen, extreme fatigue, fever, itching, jaundice, shoulder pain and swollen testes. The afflicted person may also have trouble breathing and lose a lot of weight.

Treatment for a swollen liver depends on the cause and a doctor would recommend a blood test, urine test and if necessary a liver biopsy. The liver biopsy is the most accurate form of diagnosis as the others will only indicate likely causes, where as a liver biopsy would pinpoint the problem. Medications used in the treatment are Demerol, Morphine and non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs.

Swollen livers due to cirrhosis are the result of certain habits and one of the first things that the doctor would suggest is to discontinue the habits that are causing the liver to get inflamed. The physician or doctor may prefer to treat individual symptoms like water retention and bloating in more serious cases. The suggestion may include a salt restricted diet and mild diuretics to reduce the water retention. Very serious cases are treated by transplanting of the liver, but this has to be limited to young and middle aged people.

Nature cure is also helpful for many liver disorders. The Indian aloe treatment involves taking the pulp of a single leaf mixed with black sat and ginger. This can be taken for ten days. An alternative natural remedy requires that you take a mixture of half a teaspoon of fennel (saunf), half a teaspoon of coriander seeds (dhania), 5 corns of black pepper (kali mirch), 5 cloves of garlic (lasun), and half a teaspoon of ginger (adrak). Boil all these ingredients in 150 ml of water for about 5 minutes. Strain the liquid and add a teaspoon of honey while the liquid is till warm. This liquid should be taken twice a day after meals.

Indian gooseberry (amla) powder mixed with in the proportion of 3:1 by weight with ginger powder can also be taken for liver swelling. The powders so mixed are to be taken a teaspoonful at a time with plain water. It is said that chicory juice is also beneficial for liver problems. Other nature cures require the yellow berried nightshade (kantakari) and the HygroPhila spinosa or gokulkantha. While taking these natural substances it is recommended that you have six small meals a day and include fruits and plenty of water in your daily intake. Alcohol intake should be avoided.


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