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Trees at a time when the season of flowering trees

  • By beautydress tarrant
  • Published 05/11/2011
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Beautiful? Romantic? Sweet? Imagine how far can the number of wedding style. Alternative Cocktail Dresses look large, and personality is one of the uninhibited expression of longing for the freedom of marriage.Do you dare to try? Bohemian style, veil wrapped head, flying together with gray tights sleeve wedding, the bride really alternative hair covered face and eyes, seem to love her wallet and some loss coupled with short white lace gloves the bride down the beach Baoshen extremely cool design white dress, the bride could not be more short prayer at the beach wedding is a short agonistic. Wedding too monotonous?

Pose put too stiff? In fact, if the time of photography props will add some more relaxed shooting some. Studio studio props too too stereotyped? Some of it was better to bring their own. See the wedding photos of people you kill introduced several props! 10 p

rops Fun Fun wedding photo 10 wedding photo props wigs and glasses for funny, spoof version of the Vintage Wedding Dresses, fireworks, candles for beach and night use, and create atmosphere.Of course, there are many, many, and only you can not think, no we can not! Recently, through the southern mountains and found a few new people on the personality side of the road is taken, the bride wore a white wedding dress as the background against the background of green wheat fields, is extraordinarily dignified and beautiful.Trees at a time when the season of flowering trees and also many men and women in love wedding photography’s “busy” season. New model blitz: stop and go shoot wedding photos wedding pictures set in the location based “traditional” approach can not meet the pursuit of novel and unique young men and women of the “appetite”, a stylish wedding photography mode – stop and go wedding quietly began to pop up in Jinan.



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