Trendy Haircut Ideas To Enhance Your Beauty

As almost everyone discovers once they’re old enough to run away from their mother’s hair clippers, hair style is a very personal thing and depends on the characteristics of the individual. Not only does personality take a part, but the shape and breadth of the forehead, the look of the ears and even the shape of the jaw or neck all take a part in making a haircut look good from person to person.

So, you’re a bit sick of your old hairstyle and want something trendy and different. Before volunteering for the next shave-your-head charity event, take a good hard look at yourself. Is your face shaped like a heart, a circle, an oval? Do you have a hair line that you want to show off or conceal? Are you really a fringe person, or have you been hiding behind it all these years?

Also consider how much time you have to devote to your hair. A short haircut can be a blessing when you’re always on the go – some styles require hardly more than a quick rub with a towel after a shower before you’re ready to go. A perfect example of this is the pixie cut: an oldie but a goody, the pixie can be cut into layers to allow a smooth, sleek look and a trendy messed-up look is only a ruffle of the fingers away. A pixie cut is perfect for people with sharp features, although those with almost any face shape will find this a fun, funky cut.

If you have an oval or square shaped face, consider a short bob. Bobs are great for achieving a sophisticated, jazzy look which can be a whole lot of fun. If you’re not one to spend much time on your hair, bobs can also be a blessing, although it is advisable to spend a little time each morning curling the edges under. Bobs work both with and without bangs.

A great style if you don’t mind your hair always being messy is a razor cut, otherwise known as a shag. This is a great hairstyle if you are always on the go and too busy to think about your hair after your morning styling – and a lot of fun if you like messing around with gel and mousse. Shag hairstyles are also great if you like to go out and party, as they only improve with crazy nightclub shenannigans. Deciding on this hairstyle does take a little bit of thought, though, as a shag hairstyle doesn’t suit all wardrobes; you may find you have to take the style all the way through your look.

There are two long styles that never go out of fashion: layered and straight cut. These are two very distinct styles that need their own forms of care. With a long straight cut, it is essential that you have hair that doesn’t misbehave. This cut needs perfectly straight hair that is well-conditioned, as it shows split ends the second they appear: make sure you have a reliable conditioner or anti-frizz product ready when trying this cut. With hair that behaves, however, this cut is a classic that will impress with every style of wardrobe.

If your know your hair has flyaways or the odd kink, you might consider layering. Layered hair, gently curving down over the shoulders to the back, allows for the odd kink or curl here and there and needs only a brief blow-wave in the morning to look great, even if it gets blown about during the day. Consider getting some highlights when pursuing this style, as they are the perfect complement.

Tip: when going to your hairdresser’s, take along a couple of pictures of the hair style you want, including colour ideas. This makes it so much easier for the hair stylist and reduces the risk of a mistake.


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