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Trio Binder by Inoventions


The Trio Binder is available in turquoise with yellow accents or in black with orange accents.

This Trio Binder by Inoventions (via Amazon) might look like a simple accordion folder, but trust me when I tell you that its much more than that.  Before reading on to see what makes this binder so amazing, just a quick required note that this binder was sent to us for free for the purpose of this review by the folks from Inoventions.  That of course in no way influences this review and the following is our honest opinion of the product based on our testing.

Trio Binder Open – Notice the Pen Loop on the Left

What makes the Trio Binder so Special?

On the surface, the Trio Binder doesn’t look much different that most other accordion folders that you will see out there.  You would be mistaking if you let that first impression fool you though.  When it comes to cool office supplies, this definitely ranks up there with the best of them.  Not only is it a three ring binder, but it is also an accordion folder that can be hung just like regular hanging folders.


The Trio Binder Hanging in a Filing Cabinet

Once you unlatch the white elastic strap from the neon yellow hook on the flap of the Trio Binder, it exposes the inside.  This is where you will first find a standard three ring binder.  In addition to the binder you will also find a nice elastic pen loop on the inside of the front cover.  Notice those two yellow rectangles to the immediate left of the metal binding in the second picture?  Those are where you find the hooks that allow you to hang the binder.

The elastic and latch system appear to be much better than that which was found on the previous version of this which was the Duo Binder.  The Duo Binder had an elastic strap that didn’t really stretch or bounce back adequately, and it was difficult to pull off of the latch because of its rounded edge.  On the Trio Binder, both of those issues have been corrected.  The elastic seems much more stretchy and it bounces right back to its original shape while the latch that it catches onto has a flat edge that makes it easy to get a grip on the elastic to open it up.

A Closer Look at the Trio Binder Features


Trio Binder Accordion Folder and Binder Both Open

In this photo you can see that the Trio Binder is basically an accordion folder that has a three ring binder for its front.  The back cover of the three ring binder and the front cover of the accordion folder are the same piece of material.  The flap of the accordion folder closes over the top of the front cover of the notebook and helps to latch it shut.


The Trio Binder Hanging Tabs that are Retractable

On the top four corners of the body is where you will find the extra little touch that adds a third bit of functionality.  The small yellow rectangular attachment you see in the photo above has a metal tab that slides out from it.  Once you slide out each of these four tabs the binder is now ready to be hung inside of any standard hanging file cabinet.


Trio Binder Hanging on Tabs Close Up

Here is a close up of the Trio Binder hanging in my filing cabinet, where you will notice that the notches don’t settle perfectly on the rails inside of the drawer.  Standard hanging files have tabs with notches on them that measure about .25″ and while the notches here are slightly smaller, they still work just fine in my drawer.

This is a pretty awesome product because it gives you a convenient way to store away the entire unit with your other important documents.  In the past you were stuck putting this on a shelf or tossing it in a drawer, but now it can hang in there with the rest of your other files.  The Trio Binder wraps a ton of great storage and organizing space into a great looking binder that is easily and neatly stored away.  This is definitely a great item to help organize your home or office, so grab a Trio Binder from Amazon.com for yourself and get organized.  You can also check out the old review of the Duo Binder that we did a while ago.

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