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Try Something Different With Delicious Naan Recipes

  • By Emily Amelia Inglis
  • Published 07/4/2012

Do you often feel bored of taking the same old sandwiches to work with you everyday? Do your kids moan and whine at you for putting the same food in their packed lunch boxes? Well then, perhaps now is exactly the right time to think about delicious naan recipes as a welcome alternative for the whole family.

We all love naan bread to help us wash down a hot curry, but there is actually a lot more to them that this. For example, naans have a convenient pocket where you can insert any choice of ingredients you fancy. This could be traditional fillings like you have in sandwiches, but you may want to be a little more adventurous here and push the boat out with other delicious naan recipes.

One good idea is to stick to the traditional Indian theme with your choice of naans. Perhaps you could fill them with a spicy tandoori chicken filling: possibly better suited to the adults rather than the kids, though.

You can also look at making these naans for yourself and this is where you can add a little extra zip to them. For example, a short period of research on the internet will help you to find such recipes as garlic and coriander naans. You might even like to think about toasting the naans with the fillings inside – much like a Panini, for example.

At the end of the day, if you’re looking for something a little different from your bog standard sandwiches, naans will make for a very tasty alternative. As we’ve already said, check out some of the recipes on the internet for inspiration.

About the Author : Emily Amelia Inglis is writing about delicious naan recipes



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