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  • By Pravin Shere
  • Published 02/26/2011

The lakes in Ladakh are also very attractive, apart from the beautiful monasteries. Ladakh has three lakes, the Pangong lake, the Tso  Moriri lake and the Tsokar lake. The largest is the Pangong lake while Tsokar is the smallest. Bird watchers as well as wildlife lovers come to these places to satisfy themselves.

Kiangs are the most easily spotted mammals in Tsokar. They are the largest of the wild asses. They cannot be tamed. Snow foxes, snow leopards and ibex reside in the surrounding hills and mountains. The lake view is very enchanting in during the day as well as the night. You feel like residing there forever such is its charm.

Though the Tso Moriri Lake is far more popular than Tsokar, Tsokar is not less attractive. Tso Moriri lies just fifty kilometers away from Tsokar.

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