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TUL Limited Edition Metallic


I picked up these TUL Limited Edition Metallic gel ink pens a few weeks ago at my local OfficeDepot, but sadly they are already out of stock and unavailable.  I’m guessing they are done for now, but they can still be had over here on eBay for a reasonable price.  I actually wasn’t even planning on buying these when I was in the store, but it was just an impulse purchase because they just looked pretty cool in person.


As you can see in this picture, the TUL Limited Edition Metallic Gel Ink Pens collection comes in silver, black, rose, and gold.  Personally the “black” version which is second from the bottom is more of a gun metal color to my eyes rather than black.  Its important to note that the metallic nomenclature here doesn’t mean that the pens themselves are metal by any means.  The majority of the pen composition is rubber and plastic.  The only metal parts are the clips and the nose cone at the tip of the pen.


Here is a little closer look at the nose cones on each of the pens.  Generally I’m not a fan of most things in the rose gold color, but in this case I like that its fairly subtle in terms of the percentage of the overall color scheme.  It also has a little bit more of a copper look to me.  In this picture you can also see the “black” version which is definitely more of a steel or gun metal color to me.  I’ve used previous versions of the TUL line before and the grips although nothing fancy, are definitely pretty comfortable.


Here is a little better look at the various body colors and the contrast is a little easier to pick up with this photo for some reason.  This picture reminds me that the gold one is probably my least favorite of the bunch as its more yellow than I’d prefer.  You can see that the color on the bodies has a bit of a flecked pattern in it that fades off towards each end of the body for a nice graphic treatment.


The TUL line of gel ink pens preform really nicely, and using them always reminds me of one of my least favorite pens, the Pilot G2.  I mean these are the same category of pens, yet the TUL writes so much more consistently with no feathering, skipping, or splotching yet people still fawn over the G2 for some reason.    Anyway, regardless of other pens, the TUL line from OfficeDepot are a pretty solid performer that you aren’t going to go wrong with.  My apologies for taking so long to get to posting about this special edition version though since its not available anymore.  Don’t let that stop you from grabbing some via eBay or you could just stock up on the regular TUL Gel Ink pens via OfficeDepot.

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