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TUL Retractable Gel Pens by OfficeMax


TUL Gel Ink Retractable Pens by OfficeMax

My friends over at OfficeMax are doing their best to spoil all of my great readers here by providing some of their TUL Gel Ink Retractable Pens for a review, and more importantly for you, a giveaway.  After you finish reading the review below, continue on reading to see how 3 lucky Office Supply Geek readers will win a set of 6 of these TUL Gel Ink Retractable Pens.


TUL Gel Ink Pen Retractable Grip

The first time I heard about the TUL line of pens was when  my good friend Brad over at the Pen Addict reviewed them.  As usual he was ahead of the curve on finding some really good pens, hence his name, so check out his review of these pens if you want a second (and possibly more qualified) opinion.  One thing I noted from Brad’s review of the TUL pens is that he did not like the grip, which I can understand, but personally I do like it.  The grip on these pens are pretty simple and no frills, but I kind of like that, they are just a smooth, flat rubber like material that has 16 dimples that cover it giving you a bit of extra traction.  One of the other things I really like about this pen is the plunger, which is usually a second thought when I’m using a pen, however in the case of the TUL, it has a slightly larger than normal plunger that provides a very solid feel when you click it to expose or retract the tip of the pen.  I would equate it to the feeling of a good firm handshake when you click this pen, you can almost sense a certain amount of quality that is built into it.


TUL Gel Ink Retractable Ink Pen Clip

The clip on the TUL Gel Ink pens is also pretty simple and understated, but in a classy and business-like fashion.  Nobody is going to stop dead in their tracks to stare at this pen because its outlandish and flashy, but on the otherhand, nobody is going to look at this pen and think that you got them by the case load at the dollar store.  All of the design elements of the TUL Gel Ink Pen, from the stylish clip to the demure grip and the nice paint job on the body give it a slightly modern and very professional look.


TUL Gel Ink Retractable Pen Writing Sample

When it comes to writing with the TUL Gel Ink Pen, I was very impressed.  It lays down a very consistent and vivid line while providing an exceptionally smooth writing experience.  The ink did not feather, bleed through, or show through on the paper in my trusty Black n Red notebook.  I would have to say that this is one of the best Gel Ink pens that I’ve used in quite some time, and it was honestly a surprise to me that a pen that was not from one of the major brands would perform so well.  It is certainly in the same class as many of those other big names and favorites that you are used to, so you should absolutely give the TUL Gel Ink Pens a try next time you are looking for a good pen.  If you cant wait to win some of these via the contest below, just head down to your local OfficeMax to buy some, or if you are like me and dont have a local OfficeMax, you can order online here.

Just an additional bit of info on ordering from OfficeMax.com, I’ve done it in the past and was thrilled with the experience.  They had a $50 minimum to get free shipping, which was not hard to hit (see the link to the Black n’ Red notebook above, that should help icon_wink-4589623 ) AND since I was not home when the delivery attempt was made, they actually called my cell phone to see if it would be OK to leave the package at my front door.  This was a MUCH better than FedEx or UPS leaving that sticky note on my door and telling me “we’ll be back tomorrow when you arent here again to leave another sticky note” which is not helpful at all.  Thanks to OfficeMax for making their home delivery so much more convenient to get my home office supplies.


So here is the part you are probably really interested in now that you have read the review of the TUL Gel Ink Pens.  Like my previous giveaways I am going to give you up to 3 entries entries to win.  You will be entering to win a total of 6 of these fantastic gel ink pens, you will get 3 each of the black and blue medium points.  Each entry will require an individual comment, so read below to see how you can get all  three of your chances to win.

Entry #1:

Just leave a comment.

Entry #2:

Follow  @OfficeSupplyGee and @OfficeMax on Twitter, Tweet the text below, and come back to leave a new comment with a link to the status update showing your tweet.

“Enter to win some nice gel ink pens sponsored by @OfficeMax http://bit.ly/czggOk #giveaway @officesupplygee”

Entry #3:

Become a fan of and OfficeMax on FaceBook and share a link to the contest there.  Come back and leave a new comment with your name to verify that you are now a fan.  If you are already a fan, thats fine too, just make sure to share the link to the contest and leave the 3rd comment here.

You will have until 11:59 PM on May 10th to leave your 3 comment entries, and the winners will be selected by the random number generator at Random.org.  I will ship internationally.

Winners will be announced on Tuesday, May 11th, so if you think you might forget to come back to check if you won, you should sign up for the Office Supply Geek RSS feed.

Good luck to everyone, these will make a great addition to your stash of home office supplies!

©2015, Brian Greene. All rights reserved.


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