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Turn Your Writing Skills Into A Lurative Online Business Opportunity

  • By Joseph Adams
  • Published 03/26/2009
  • Article Writing

Freelance writing can be a lucrative occupation, provided you can write original, interesting articles that the public wants. There are certain guidelines to help you in your endeavors. One of the first things you need to concentrate on is a good resume. This is your window to the world, your opportunity to showcase your talents, abilities, knowledge and experience. Begin your resume with a brief description of yourself and your skills. Resumes placed on the internet should not exceed 2 x A4 pages and prepare your resume in different formats, rich text format for e-mail and HTML for the internet. The email format when you apply for assignments and the HTML for placing on websites so prospective employers can find it. There are many places you can place your resume newsgroups, classified sites, search engines, or your can create your own website where you can place your resume and samples of your work. Or you can get work by using major freelance marketplaces. A number of reputable websites post their job requirements and writers apply for them. There are also forums and groups that you can discuss your budding writing career. You will need to be able to write at least 7th grade English level. Good command of the language, be able to spell and understand grammar. Your articles must be original and have unique content and not be previously published. What to charge for your work? You’d do best to investigate what the going rates for freelance writing, the internet can give you guidelines. But a rule of thumb would be around 30c to 50c per word. But as a beginner you could bring your sites lower and maybe charge 20c to get the work and gain experience. To be successful as a freelance writer and make money writing you will need to find your own style of writing and subjects that you know and understand. You can research the internet for information on the subject you wish to write about but you need to put that information into your own writing style. There are many avenues a writer can choose, write articles for a blog, plain content for a client, or even be ambitions and write an e-book! All you need is to do is make a start and then continue one page at a time.

There are many books on the subject of writing; it would be a good idea to read them to help you improve your writing skills. Learn from other writers and put it into your own style of writing.


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by Joseph Adams



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