Twenty Dollar Dates She Will Love

For most people, except for those of us with exceptionally good and high paying jobs, there really isn’t a whole lot of money left over at the end of the week. However, for those guys out there who are still looking to meet the right girl, a lot of the time money doesn’t matter. All you need is a little bit of creativity, swagger, and old fashioned romanticism to catch a lady’s eye and show her a good time. All for a twenty dollar bill… and maybe a bit less.

One idea that rarely fails is to take your girl on a picnic. Provided that it’s spring, summer, or fall, getting outside and sharing some home made (or cheap store bought) food is usually considered thoughtful and pleasant. All you need is an old blanket, a basket (or anything that you can carry your meal and silverware in), a good location, and some good weather. The location is really the hardest part of this date, but any sort of park or beach that’s local, attractive, and not overly populated should do the job nicely.

Another idea, especially for those who date busy women, is to find a second run movie theater. Going to a first run movie has a lot of problems. The crowds are big, the people are rude, the theater is packed, and on top of it all the prices of tickets and snacks are outrageous. A second run theater shouldn’t charge anymore than $3 to $5 for a ticket, and sometimes they even throw in popcorn for free. If you or your girl are so busy that you miss movies the first time around (or you just like to see movies more than once), and you like avoiding costs, this is a cheap, quiet, and often intimate date.

A third option for those who are feeling a little light in their wallet is to simply go for a long, romantic walk somewhere. This may sound trite, but it’s cliché for a reason fellas. If you feel comfortable enough with the girl you’re asking out then spending some time walking through a park or along a beach (the same choices of locations that are popular for a picnic) then keep in mind this is going to instigate a lot of conversation. She’s probably going to open up, or expect you to do so. This isn’t a good option for those Casanovas who want to skip the intimate stuff… remember the cliché. A long walk somewhere alone with your date is a romance novel staple because it’s often true.

While these three options are good starting points, don’t fret. There are dozens, if not hundreds of activities that can be made into a good date for twenty bucks or less. All you have to do is look around your area and try to figure out what your date would like to do. Is she an academic, and if so how would she feel about free theater in the park? Is she more of a sporty girl, and would she prefer a game of basketball or some swimming at the community pool? These are all options, they just depend on your creativity, and what you have to work with.


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