Two Free Microblogging Applications Update Your Blog from Your Mobile Telephone

Anyone who starts a blog has a primary wish – to get as many visitors and subscribers as possible. Traffic is important to a blog, especially if you want monetize it. However, drawing traffic to your blog is no child’s play, especially if you’re a new kid on the blogging block. You would have to compete with thousands of new blogs created daily for traffic, not to mention “veteran” blogs which already have a large chunk of it.

That said, a surefire way to attract traffic to your blog is by regularly updating it. Successful blogs (usually team effort) are updated up to a few times daily. So, readers keep coming back to them for fresh content. If you’re a solo blogger with no outside help, you could do well to update your blog at least once a day to keep your readers happy.

What if there are instances where you have to be away from your computer and you can’t update your blog? Imagine a situation where you are travelling and don’t have access to a computer or an Internet connection to update your blog. Well, you don’t have to lose any sleep over the matter because your mobile telephone can come to your rescue and update your blog. Here are two free “microblogging” applications you can use from the comfort of your mobile telephone.


Cellspin is compatible with Google Blogger, LiveJournal, Typepad and WordPress. Apart from text blogging, Cellspin also supports voice blogging, photo blogging and video blogging. For instance, you can record voice interviews and upload them to your blog. The same goes to captured video clips pertinent to your blog theme. With the application installed in your mobile telephone, you can participate in Cellspin community blogs, also known as clogs, by posting relevant live updates.

Sounds cool? How do you get hold of Cellspin? To download the application, you would have to visit the Cellspin website and first check whether your smartphone is supported. Then you sign up for a free account, providing details of your smartphone brand, model, your country and your mobile number.


This free application allows you to interact with your WordPress blog from your mobile phone. Its versatility is second to none. With WordMobi you can post, approve and delete comments. That’s not all. You can practically do almost everything you could with a PC in relation to a WordPress blog. You can set the number of recent posts you want displayed on your blog. You can also choose the location in your blog where you want these posts to be displayed.

Writing new posts aside, you can edit existing posts and exercise the option to save them as drafts or publish them. You can even preview the posts before publishing them. If you are not satisfied with the images in your blog, you can replace them with ones snapped with your smartphone.


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