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TWSBI Diamond 540 50mL Ink Well Review


TWSBI Diamond 540 50mL Ink Well and TWSBI 540 Demonstrator

Last week during giveaway week, we reviewed the TWSBI 540 Demonstrator Fountain Pen, so this week I wanted to get in this review on the TWSBI Diamond 540 Ink Well.  As a reminder, this item as well as the fountain pen were provided at a slight discount by our sponsors over at Goldspot.


TWSBI Diamond 540 Ink Well and Cap

The first time I saw the TWSBI Diamond 540 50mL Ink Well, I was totally oblivious to the the additional functionality that it was hiding under that black cap and silver metal spacer that you see above.  One quick thing before I explain how it works, it is important to note that the ink well also comes with several different color choices for the metal band.  As you can see from the photo above, the ink well when used with just the black metal cap acts as any normal ink well, and has a plastic cone in the center to help get the ink into your fountain pen when you are refilling it.


TWSBI Diamond 540 Ink Well Refilling –  Notice the Pen has no Ink in the Body

The really cool part of the TWSBI Diamond 540 50mL Ink Well is that when you place the metal spacer on the neck of the bottle.  It has a tiny hole in the top which is connected to the slim pipe that you saw in the previous picture.  This allows you to remove the nib from the pen, and place the pen onto that tiny hole so you can fill the pen while bypassing the nib and feed.


TWSBI Diamond 540 Ink Well Refilling –  Now the Pen Body is Full of Ink

Filling the pen using the metal spacer makes for a much cleaner, neater, and faster filling experience.  This is a great solution that now makes filling your fountain pen at your desk at work much easier.  Before I never would have thought about filling a pen at work because of the potential for mess and need for cleaning up the nib.  This option only requires a tiny wipe of maybe one small drop of ink that could get away from you, not to mention that the bottle itself just looks awesome.


TWSBI Diamond 540 Ink Well Refilling – Full Pen

TWSBI Diamond 540 50mL Ink Well Summary

Having both the TWSBI 540 Demonstrator Fountain Pen and the TWSBI Diamond 540 Ink Well takes the fountain pen writing experience to a new level.  The design, construction, functionality, and the way they match so nicely makes this something that would look fantastic on any desk and it is just plain fun to use.  I cant imagine having this fountain pen and not having the matching ink well to go along with it.

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