Types of Agricultural Jobs

Agriculture has been considered as one of the most important factors to make a society self-sufficient. Since this land cultivating practice has been considered as a very lucrative economy (only if each aspect of agriculture has been properly utilized), many kinds of job classification has been made to target each unique challenge of farming enterprise.

Here is the list of job classifications found in agricultural enterprise, and since there are countless of these, it has been categorized based on its general characteristics:


This often involves people who are directly engaged in production which includes plowing, sowing, reaping, and other land cultivating activities. These are commonly the farmers, land tillers, reapers, gatherers.

This profession often involves doing the most laborious job since land tillers are those who are the one who do the manual job.


Since the dawn of civilization, people have started to utilize the advantages brought by technology. Agricultural engineers are the ones who further improve the technology in order to maximize the food production. This technology includes equipment (plowing machine, reaping machine, etc.) which improves the production process while making it faster and more efficient.

This profession also involves comprehensive data analysis, experimentation, and testing in order to come up with a new or improved technology.

Developmental Media and other Educators

Developmental media often target rural areas and are most common in developing countries. According to a recent study conducted in some developing countries, the most common medium used by farmers are radio since this is relatively cheap and the service often comes for free. Considering this, the radio has been widely-used as a communication medium in order to reach a wider audience.
Some agricultural educators are government backed-up, while some are non-government organizations (NGO), but whatever is the classification, both of these have a purposive mission which is to educate the people especially those who are deprived with information in regard with agriculture.

Marketing and Trading

This is the agricultural sector which is responsible for the distribution of the produce. People who are involved in this dealing have various classifications which include distributor, middleman, advertisers, and even economists.

This kind of profession requires people to be highly-creative in making marketing plans and strategies since this involves macro- and microeconomics where the goal is to satisfy the needs and wants of consumers while avoiding scarcity and overproduction, and improving distribution and production.

Businessman and Entrepreneurs

This sector is composed of people who are required to make the raw produce into a sellable product, examples of this are the companies and manufacturers which process and refine the raw produce and make it into another product.

Social Service Providers

This sector may be governmental office or NGO, but whatever is the classification, the purpose of this entity is to engage the general public, even those people who are not directly involved in the land cultivation process. This sector is also active in creating an environmental awareness to people.


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