Types of Evergreen Shrubs

Authored by Jennifer Burss in Nature and Wildlife
Published on 10-11-2009

Evergreen shrubs are excellent landscaping plants. They come in several varieties and they can fulfill different purposes. Beyond aesthetics are often used to protect privacy and as barriers in homes and neighborhoods. Evergreen shrubs come in multiple colors,leaf shapes, and generate different types of flowers and berries.

Shrubs work well as ground level plants to frame gardens and yards. There are several varieties of evergreen shrubs that suit this function. There are many forms of evergreen plants that are used in gardens and parks throughout the world. Flowering evergreens are mostly used for decorative purposes, while “creeping” shrubs are used to cover portions of ground. Three commonly used types of evergreen bushes are junipers,yews, and arborvitae.

Junipers are a common form of evergreen that are used for privacy hedging and property borders. A juniper shrub can grow as tall as fifteen feet depending on the variety. The foliage of the juniper evergreen shrub consists of sharp spines.

Yews are smaller yet more hearty than other evergreens. They are able to prosper indoors as well as outdoors. Yew evergreen shrubs also grow well in shade. This variety of evergreen has soft foliage somewhat similar to needles. When a gardener is caring for these plants it is important to make certain the planting soil does not become completely soaked with water.

Arborvitae evergreens look much like Christmas trees,although they can form in flatter shapes. Arborvitaes come in many varieties and sizes. Arborvitaes also come in different colors. A popular shade of arborvitae is emerald green. Arborvitae can grow fifty feet in height making them excellent shrubs for the preservation of privacy. Foliage on this type of shrub is of a scale-like texture.

Evergreen plants grow in many useful and practical forms as well, herbal bushes are also considered evergreens. Many herbs are used to produce medicine. Several types of evergreens are used as hedges and borders to property and gardens. Some evergreen plants also produce flowers and berries.

Evergreens grow best in sunny areas where they are protected from harsh winds and winter sun and cold. Evergreens that produce flowers should be placed in sunlight during the season of flower production. While planting evergreens, it is important to leave plenty of space between each shrub as evergreens grow wider with each passing year.

Different types of evergreen shrubs can be planted in various types of soil. Some types of shrubs grow well in gardens. Arborvitae evergreens are perfect for places with minimal space because they stay relatively small when in the dwarf variety. Other forms of evergreens can be pruned like bonsai trees or formed into different shapes for appearances.

Gardens and yards gain plenty of structure and color when evergreens are added. Heather and azaleas are two other kinds of evergreens that flower. They and other evergreens can be used to build butterfly gardens. The many different applications for evergreen shrubs allow them to be used to decorate and to guard privacy. Evergreen shrubs come in so many types that decorative and practical options are endless.




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