Types of Freelance Writing Jobs

We live in a world of words. Communications is such an essential aspect of our daily lives that it can be easy to overlook the fact that someone has had to write all the items that we read from best-selling novels to the ingredients on our box of cereal. While many people are employed to perform this necessary function, many more have found that being an independent freelance writer is a most satisfying career.

There are dozens of major divisions in the type of writing jobs are available to the freelancer. The best known job is the novelist who writes the books that entertain and educate us. Magazines are constantly on the lookout for articles from independent writers. These freelance writers help fill their pages and supplement the content provided by their staff. Newspapers provide work for the journalist and reporter every second of every day of our existence. As the business sector increases globally, translation writers have become highly sought after commodities.

Less well known, but equally important, are the writing fields that include such copy writing needs as Real Estate writing to describe homes and properties for sale. Businesses require someone to write their reports and sales copy. Business plan writing is a highly specialized field, which is necessary for any successful business. Manufacturers must have someone to write the manuals to explain the proper use of their products and the Frequently Asked Questions pages. Even the product catalogs must have someone who can effectively write descriptions in their catalogs. Organizations, whether for profit or non-profit require someone to write the informational booklets that are used to promote their cause.

For private individuals, such freelance writing services as resume and curriculum vita production are essential to acquiring the best possible job for themselves. Speech writing is another high demand field for the freelance writer. Many speakers may be great at oral delivery but still require someone to organize and write for them the information that must be expounded on. Advertisers need a writer that can convince potential customers to purchase their products or engage their services.

Even the music industry needs a constant flow of writing to promote their bands and the music they market. Anyone whose business requires they deal with the public for clients has to have someone to create the information that brings them business.

The advent of the Internet and the World Wide Web, freelance writers have found a wide-open field for their efforts. Website content writing is only the tip of the iceberg. Information is the coin of the realm online and the articulate writer will find a never-ending supply of clients needing someone who can express this information in an understandable form. Again, copywriting, sales letters and advertisements provide opportunities for the freelance writer to exercise their art.

E-books have become a mainstay on the Internet. Whether product or information based, these books need a writer. Ghostwriting for those who do not have either the required skill or time comprises a great deal of the jobs that can be found online by the freelance writer. Many websites include an encyclopedic array of content and must seek writers to provide this information. This is one of the most fertile areas of the World Wide Web for a freelance writer.


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