Types of Movie Industry Jobs

When someone thinks about working in the movies, it’s usually the glamorous jobs that come to mind first. The high priced actors who star in films, the camera crew who captures the action, or even the directors who explain the motivation to the cast and help to bring the script to life. There are a lot of jobs that aren’t as glamorous though, and many of them take place in plain view. If you want to work in movies, sometimes you have to start from the ground up.

For people who want to be on screen and acting, there are a number of options they can take. For instance, movies will always need extras. A person whose familiar with how to act on screen may eventually move up in the world, but even if they don’t, there’s always a need for crowds, zombies, and panicked masses. Also on screen are those who are fortunate enough to look like a celebrity who can act as a body double, or those who are willing to do dangerous things as stunt men.

There are also a number of people who work in preparing the look of a film. These people put the puzzle pieces of the world together. Set designers who bring the city streets and crummy apartments of action movies to life are one example. Another example are the costume designers, tailors, and seamstresses who create the unique dresses and suits found in Victorian romances and vampire mysteries. There are also the lighting techs who make sure that the scene is cast correctly, from grim noir to bright, shining romance.

It takes more people to make a movie than just those who work on bringing the action to life though. Every movie needs a script, and if writers don’t produce them than nothing will be made. The scripts will need editors to check continuity and use of language. Movies also need producers and scouts, people who attempt to find places that can be filmed at so that the crew doesn’t just use a sound stage. There should also be lawyers to draw up contracts, act as talent agents, and to be ready to handle any lawsuits due to misadventure while filming is taking place.

There is even room in the movies for professionals who may not readily come to mind. Gunsmiths are often a part of the prop department, especially in action films, to make sure that all of the firearms are safe and that no one will actually get hurt. Military and private security professionals will sometimes act as trainers for actors who may need to realistically portray combat or firefights. Engineers and robotics designers may also be hired to design unique props, especially those which will be used as monsters.

There’s room for almost everyone who wants a job in the movies. The field is literally so wide and inclusive that sooner or later almost every professional will be used in a film. If you have the look, the ideas, the talents, or just the luck to be in the right place at the right time, you may find yourself working to bring life to the silver screen.


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