Types of Short Haired Cats


Authored by Rodney Southern in Cats 
Published on 03-10-2009

There are dozens of types of short haired cats. These types of cats are believed to be the descendants of a cat that was domesticated by the Egyptians in early times called the African Caffre. It is believed that short haired cats evolved to stay cooler in warmer climates. Most types of short haired cats have only one coat, but there are a few breeds that have two coats.

The American short hair cat was originally brought over from Europe to hunt mice and rats. In today’s society, this short haired cat is considered quiet and loving. They tend to have a long life span and are said to be good with other pets and children.

The Chartreux tend to produce large litters of kittens. That makes this short haired cat a favorite among cat breeders. This breed of cat was first spotted in 16th century France. They were valued for their meat and pelts and the healthy ones were used as ratters. During the 20th century, people began to preserve and breed this breed of cat.

The Burmese was once known as the Chocolate Siamese in 19th century England. This short haired cat is most known for its satin-like coat. Burmese cats are now a favorite among American cat breeders and are generally healthy.

The Russian Blue is a popular breed of short haired cat in the United States. Experts are unsure of its origin, but they believe that they may be descendants of wild cats in Northern Russia. They have a characteristic short coat that looks as if it has been dipped in silver. Russian Blue cats are now common household pets throughout the United States, Canada and Europe.

The Spotted Mist is a popular type of short haired cat. They were originally bred in Australia and have since made their way to the United States. They were bred by using the blood of the Abyssinian cat, the Burmese and other domestic short haired cats. Their name was derived from their coats. They are covered in spots and are often gold, blue, lilac or chocolate in color.

The Mixed Breed Cat is the most popular type of short haired cat. It is the most common household cat in the United States. It is much easier to find and adopt Mixed Breed Cats. They can be found at pet stores, rescues, shelters and roaming the streets. These cats generally have a long life span when they are properly taken care of.

The different types of short haired cats have been around for thousands of years. Many of these cats have evolved into what we see today. They can be found all over the world and are easiest to adopt from qualified breeders. They all require different types of care and almost all short haired cats have a long life span.


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