Types of Small Dogs


Authored by Nickie Fleming in Dogs
Published on 03-20-2009

If you want to buy a small dog, you can better remember that most of these little dogs do have a certain temper and can act as a little prima donna at times. If you think you can’t handle this, better go to a larger type of dog.

There are various races of small dogs. If you haven’t decided yet, here are some examples:

Chihuahua – there is not a dog smaller than a Chihuahua. They are intelligent, attentive, playful and have a mind of their own. Chihuahua’s are affective but have a special bond with only one person in the house. They may not like visitors, but get along with children.

Jack Russel Terrier – a very spontaneous dog, full of life. They like to go out on adventures and are very active in general. They are alert, so they can protect your house. One of the disadvantages of this is, that they can bark a lot. They get along on their own, but do appreciate the company of their boss. They interact well with children.

Scottish Terrier – a honest and calm dog that gets attached to its people, but always keeps his own character. They like to dig holes, so be careful when you let them out on the lawn!

West Highland Terrier – a very extravert dog, who is never afraid. They are brave and persistent. Westies do pay attention to everything happening around them and let themselves be heard when there is danger. They like their owners, but they’ll keep on showing their independence. They get along with children, especially when these are of an age that they can play with the dog.

Yorkshire Terrier – also very small, but can act as a diva! They were used for chasing rats, so they are very alert. They’ll interact with children, as long as the children don’t see the dog as a toy.

Boston Terrier – an intelligent, playful dog. They are alert but only bark when necessary. Because of their stable character they are very good with children.

Malteser – a kind and playful dog. They rarely show nervous behavior and are never aggressive. They get very attached to their boss and the other family members and don’t like to be on their own. Their little size allows you to take them along everywhere you go.

Pekinese – another small dog with a mind of its own! They don’t bark a lot and love their boss. In general, they don’t like being disturbed and that is why they are not really suitable for families with little children.

Shin Tzu – an intelligent, friendly and quite sociable dog who is always optimistic. They keep their independence, although they get attached to their owners.

Bassethound – a kind, calm and social dog. They show a lot of patience, enjoy company and are perceptive of moods by their owners. They have a very good nose. The Bassethound is a good companion of children and like people in general.


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