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Ugg wear fashion on feet in winter

  • By JoseA Perea
  • Published 01/28/2011
  • Fiction

When Gossip Girl has been quickly sweeping the world, queen S and B wearing stunning outfits lead the newest fashion trend. But fans of “gossip girls”–Leighton Meester (queen B) and Blake Lively (queen S) must notice that their fashion icons are all crazy about UGG boots no matter it’s in winter or summer.  However, it won’t be a surprise that why people from celebrities to ordinary people all love UGG if we know something behind UGG.  

Originally, UGG boots, a kind of sheepskin footwear, were worn by people from Australia and New Zealand almost two centuries ago. What is interesting is that the name of UGG actually comes from the “ugly” appearance of the sheepskin footwear which is big and strange. Also, it’s said that UGG is a slang term from local people in Australia. As to how these sheepskin footwear spread around the world, it is another story. During the First World War, aviators were huge fans of these boots which can keep their feet warm in flying. In 1960&

#8217;s when surfing prevailed all over the world, a large number of surfers invades the beach of Australia and also noticed that Australian surfers wore a kind of sheepskin footwear. Then this kind of boots established popularity among surfers throughout the world.  As a result, these comfortable and warm UGG boots won their reputation all over the world. Though the looking of UGG boots may be a little bit odd, the practical function can provide enough reason for people to love.  Nowadays, no one could say “no” to UGG boots, which embrace all merits of shoes, comfortable, fashionable, and warm. Especially in winter, when many cool shoes have to be thrown into wardrobe leaving us to be in trouble of worrying about which pair of shoes to wear, the perfect resolution is to prepare a pair of UGG boots, which not only keep feet warm but also rock people’s eyes with fashionable appearance. So in this winter, don’t hesitate to bag one pair of UGG boots to create your own comfortable fashion look.   nopicture-9225009


by JoseA Perea



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