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UGLee Pen Super Comfortable Ergonomic Pen


The UGLee Pen, ergonomically designed by an actual doctor

The UGLee Pen might be one of the most interesting looking pens I’ve ever seen, but just looking cool isnt enough to fit into the cool office supplies category.  Lucky for this pen, it has much more than just a unique look going for it.  It was designed by Doctor James Lee who has spent a good deal of his life in search of a pen that can be used all day that doesnt result in cramping, or fatiuge.


The full body of the UGLee Pen designed for comfortable writing

The UGLee Pen was given to me by its inventor, Dr. James Lee, who has spent a good deal of time and money trying to find a pen that he could use every day that didnt cause some type of pain or discomfort while writing.  In his very dedicated efforts to create a comfortable pen, he took to X-Raying his own hand while holding a pen to see how the bones, joints, tendons, and muscles in his hand aligned and reacted to being in that position.  Doing this allowed Dr. Lee to figure out how to design a pen that greatly reduced the need for your hand and fingers to grip and push a pen.  The super cushioned grip takes little to no effort to hold onto due to the amount of friction that its materiel creates between it and your fingers.  It takes not much more than a slight amount of pressure on the unique contour of the grip to effortlessly slide the pen across paper with some very nice results.


A closer look at the grip of the UGLee Pen

A close look at the grip of the UGLee Pen reveals some unique contours and ridges that are designed to let you hold the pen in multiple positions, which is something that most ergonomically designed pens dont allow you to do.  Other ergonomically designed pens force you to hold the pen in one very specific position, which can actually end up causing even more discomfort than a pen that has no ergonomic design which you can continue to rotate in your hand.  Something about this pen that is great as compared some of the more well known “grippy” pens is that the grip covers such a large part of the body, right down to the very end of the tip.  This has always been a complaint of mine, that the grips on some of those pens dont go low enough for the tips of my fingers to actually enjoy, and the UGLee Pen totally solves that problem.

In some of the videos that Dr. Lee created to talk about his pens, he mentions the testing that a college did to compare his pens to other pens.  They used a pain scale that is typically used by doctors to try and determine the amount of pain that a patient is experiencing.  The scale ranks pain from 1-10 with 1 being the equivalent of a light breeze and a 10 being the worst pain you have ever felt.  After writing with a regular pen for 2 minutes, most subjects ranked their level of pain at a 4, while after 2 minutes of writing with the UGLee pen, they ranked their level of pain to be a 1.  In addition to writing with less pain, people also reported being able to write faster due to the more comfortable and pain free writing experience of the pen.

This pen is great for people who either write a lot, or write in situations that require more pressure, such as filling out forms that use multiple layers of carbon copy paper.  Additionally, for those who are concerned about carpal tunnel syndrome or who have arthritis or other issues that cause difficulty writing, this pen can really do wonders in making writing easier for you.


Additional comfort provided by the notch above the main grip of the UGLee Pen

In addition to the elongated rubbery grip that the UGLee Pen has, there is also a thin tapered section of the pen that is designed to rest right on the knuckle of your pointer finger that is near the webbing between your thumb and finger.  Im sure that the last sentence there is choc full of medical inaccuracies and laymens terms that Dr. Lee will probably chuckle at when reading this review, but for the average non-doctor reading, I think you probably understand what Im talking about.  Anyway, this little notch above the grip does make for a comfortable resting spot that seems to help evenly distribute the weight of the pen across your hand rather than pinpoint it all in the same place on the back of your hand.


A longer than usual writing sample with my super comfortable UGLee Pen

The ink that this pen comes with is described by Dr. Lee as a mix of gel and ballpoint ink, which results in a very smooth writing experience.  I did find that the pen writes very smoothly on the Levenger paper that I used.  The ink is very solid and does a great job of leaving a smooth solid line with the most minimal of effort, and it did not have any bleed through or show through.  I did find that there was the very occasional small clump of ink, but certainly not anything that became an issue while writing with this pen, and its benefits far outweigh anything like a little extra ink.  One thing that was interesting about this pen was that it took me a little while to get used to not gripping it like a normal pen.  I had to get myself to trust the fact that I could hold it very lightly between my fingers without fear that it would slip or write too lightly.

In addition to the writing sample above, I also did plenty of other writing with this pen.  I used it a bit for notes at work, and I also had the opportunity to fill out some forms that required multiple copies, not even carbon copies, but multiple original copies, and just as expected, the UGLee Pen was great for these tasks.  One other thing I forgot to mention about this pen is related to its name.  The “UG” part actually stands for “Ultimate Grip” and the “L” is for Dr. Lee’s last name, so combine all of that and you get the UGLeePen.

I really enjoyed writing with this pen, its definitely in a class of its own, and if you have ever had any issues with writing discomfort I highly suggest you give this pen a try.  They can be purchased at Dr. Lee’s site in multiple colors, and there are also blue and red refills, mine came with black ink.   Again, this isnt just some unique office supply that is trendy or stylish, its a pen that can probably make a positive impact on anyone that has suffered even the slightest bit from writing pain, so check out this ergonomically designed pen and check out Dr. Lee’s website for more information on its design.

One last thing, I will be doing a giveaway of 2 of these pens that Dr. Lee kindly provided, so keep your eyes out for that later this week.

©2015, Brian Greene. All rights reserved.


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