Umbrella Stroller Buying Guide


Authored by Carol Snider in Parenting
Published on 12-19-2008

This is a buying guide that will help you find the ideal umbrella stroller suited for your baby’s needs as well as yours. Below are guidelines that will help you purchase the right one. Have fun hunting!

Learn the advantages

1. Easy storage

The beauty about umbrella strollers is its easy fold up mechanism that allows owners to quickly store it away or set it up. Parents who do a lot of traveling will love this feature and find easier than standard strollers.

2. Easy maneuvering

Because of its weight, this type of stroller is easier to maneuver in crowded areas like malls, recreation parks, and public areas. It’s easier to turn in corner spots too.

3. Easy size to manage

Umbrella strollers are lightweight. It usually weights less than 20 pounds. It’s easy to carry in crowded areas like buses where there are people and space is limited.

Learn the disadvantages

1. It’s not recommended for infants

The umbrella stroller was designed for ease of use not so much for structural support. It’s sturdy enough to use however it may not be sturdy enough to be used for infants unlike standard strollers.

2. It’s easy to grow out off

Unlike a standard stroller with its huge and bulky feature, the umbrella stroller is typical opposite that. It’s easy to out grow it its size. It’s common for some parents to buy 2 or 3 umbrella strollers during the growth period of their babies.

3. It’s not so comfortable

It doesn’t recline as well as a standard stroller so it’s kind of difficult for a baby to sleep into it.

Find a baby store

Browse the web and search for baby strollers. Look up the designs and styles that are available. Usually the price range will start from $70 and go way up to $250. Check out the address for the physical retail store. It’s a good idea to visit a few stores.

Features you should check:

  • Handles: Make sure it is proportion to your height. Too long handles or short handles may give you steering problems as well as shoulder pains.
  • Cup holders and storage basket: Make sure you purchase a stroller with holders for your baby bottles and basket where you can store a small baby bag or a diaper tote bag.
  • Cleanable fabric: Inspect the fabric. Find fabric that you can easily clean and wash.
  • Straps and safety gear: Make sure the straps are in tack and the safety gear snaps work well.
  • Canopy cover: Is the cover big enough to protect your baby sensitive skin from excessive sun heat?
  • Wheels: Test drive the wheels. Make sure they are secured and intact. Make sure they are no signs of possible fall offs.

Bring your child with you when you do your shopping. It’s the best way to assess if the stroller will work for your baby’s needs. Have fun shopping and make your baby a part of the buying process.


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