Understanding How Google AdSense is Stealing Your Money


Authored by Ted Goodman in Make Money Online
Published on 01-01-2009

You read that right! AdSense is stealing profits from your site beyond comprehension. For most website owners, it’s an easy way to start earning money without knowing how to do anything, or for the lazy webmaster who is looking for the easy money, but willing to work hard to drive traffic to the site. Remember, you can’t make any money with a site that does not have any traffic and AdSense is no different.

I look all over the net every day in forums, and one thing most AdSense earners are all saying is they are not making any real money. Guess what, Google is making billions and paying pennies and if you have AdSence on your site, then you are part of that billion dollar industry. Do you feel like you are? I know you can find great stories on how some guy made $100,000 in one month with AdSense here and there, but the fact is that most of us will be lucky to make our payout minimum and what’s even worse, we are trading our best asset for pennies.

What makes a site successful? Traffic, and it’s the most valuable thing you can have for a website. If you have a site that sells leads to programs such as Amazon for instance, why would you trade a lead that comes to your site and then goes off to a competitors site in AdSense? Let’s do the math. You are selling for Amazon who is paying you 15% of the sale. The average sale could be 15 dollars. That’s 2.25 per sale you will receive from Amazon. You also have AdSense on your site and a buyer comes to your site, clicks through, and he’s gone for good, possibly getting your competitor the sale. You get 35 cents and he gets the $2.25. Was that a smart trade? Even if your competitor does not get the sale and you got 35 cents, you still lose in the end because he possibly won’t visit your site again. He may not have been on your site long enough to remember anything good about it to take the time to revisit your site and could bookmark your competitors site instead of your site.

Don’t you just hate those AdSense gurus? They really figured it out didn’t they? Go check out their websites and see how many are still using AdSense to make the big bucks. Chances are they don’t even use AdSense now and I know for a fact that most of those AdSense gurus do not use AdSense at all. You can get on the AdSense train and ride it for a while but the smart guys figure out the train is running on a dead end track. AdSense is the dumbest way to make money from most any site and all the gurus know it, and that’s why you rarely see AdSense on their sites anymore. Lazy people will continue to use it but smart people learn a very important secret pretty fast. The secret is that returning visitors are much easier to maintain than 10,000 fresh new visitors you need to find every month to feed the AdSense beast in order to make a few dollars. Content is king and if you are selling something with an affiliate, then by adding AdSense you are just giving away possibly thousands of dollars for a few dollars AdSense is willing to pay you. Remember that your adverts from Google is determined by your content so you are always going to sell your competitors a good deal on traffic you should be the main benefit from. It’s just not worth the few dollars to allow that to happen if you are trying to make some real money with your website. If you just block your competitors ads then you will be left with ads that have no relevance to your site. If you do that then why even have AdSense on your site in the first place?

If you absolutely must place ads, at least put your content first and place the ads on the bottom. If they’ve already looked through your material and haven’t found what they were looking for, you can still make a little revenue from them on their way out. Never place the ads before your content.

Business has not changed in the ways you should be making money. It’s always in your best interest to sale products yourself and not rely on parasites such as Google. If you are not getting sales then chances are you are not selling worth while products, or you have not priced them competitively, or your site hasn’t been optimized and you have no traffic.


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