Understanding Nursing Duties and Responsibilities

Authored by Michael Grisso in Nursing
Published on 11-25-2008

The reason you have to understand nursing duties and responsibilities is because of the variations that are involved. If you work in the emergency room then what will be asked of you is different than working as an outpatient nurse. Even though this is true we will not be discussing all the different avenues. Mostly due in part that there are clearly too many. However, you will find information on general nursing duties and responsibilities.

The Assessment

Since you are most likely looking for nursing duties and responsibilities because a new career is ahead of you, the job description usually gives you the same information. However, the basic jobs of a nurse are to assess the problems that a patient is complaining about on their visit. He or she then takes the normal mini-tests such as blood pressure vitals, to have everything for the doctor when he/she comes to talk with the patient.

Medical records are a huge deal when it comes to a normal doctor visit, so the main objective is to find out about their history. Since you will originally be going over the chart, it is important to find out if they are missing anything and at times even narrowing down what they have already told you. Once you have gotten passed the beginning stages there is a lot more involved in nursing duties and responsibilities.

The Different Fields

One thing we were not going to worry about was explaining the different fields. However, since we just talked about all the other things a nurse will need to take care of you should know many of them. For instance if you work at a family doctor’s office then there are occasions where you can possibly diagnose illnesses and request treatments. Even write out prescriptions if things work out that ways.

Then of course if you are assisting doctors in a surgery things are much different. You may be a part of the actually surgery getting your hands dirty, but then again you may just be handing instruments over to them. If you choose the outpatient nursing career then you will travel to patients houses and take care of them there. Others may call this in-home care, just depends on your preference.

More then a Statistic

Each day many people understand nursing responsibilities, but time and time again one of them goes without notice. It is the ability to treat patients like people and give the doctors a perception of a person as opposed to a simple chart. In doing so, you are not only making the person feel important and comfortable, but also helping the doctor’s conversation with them a lot easier. Something many people don’t talk about, but enjoy this unwritten rule.

Choosing Your Path

To be honest many people who want to go into the nursing field end up choosing their path because of the duties and responsibilities. Those who enjoy helping the in-home people will enjoy being out of the doctor office type surroundings. Others are more into constantly keeping busy and enjoy the ER. Then of course there are more who like precision and saving a life from the inside out. Once you figure out your favorite, then you can narrow down your nursing duties and responsibilities.


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