Understanding Reasons for Obesity


Authored by Victor Roffel in Weight Issues 
Published on 09-18-2009

Obesity has become a worldwide problem in just a matter of decades. It has been reported that the United States of America has an obesity rate of over 30%. Obesity was not a problem back in the 1970’s. It was due to the recent events and changes through this past 20-30 years that obesity rose to problematic levels. So what exactly happened during this period of time which made obesity such an epidemic?

Fast-food chains

Fast-food today has never been a greater influence on the public. Around 30 years ago, fast-food chains like McDonald’s and KFC started intensifying their advertising efforts. They started giving promotions and associated their meals with social occasions. The public has since then, started to eat fast food more regularly.

Fast food is convenient, tasty and addicting. They promote the habits and traits of obese people who suffer from overeating. Although this is one of the most important causes of obesity, this still doesn’t tell us the reasons why they eat fast food so regularly.


People who are victims of discrimination in their social circle tend to be emotionally unstable. They spend their anger and mood swings through binging on fast food and junk. They also take up a more self-destructive lifestyle the more they are insulted and humiliated. This eventually leads to depression and other disorders.

This practice is very unhealthy but unless somebody personally helps the individual, it is regrettably out of our control.


The lifestyle of an individual has become more and more sedentary as the years go by. The more technology advances, the more people sit at home all day long doing nothing but staring at a screen. In the past, people used to spend their time outside playing sports or taking a walk. Nowadays, people would rather play computer games and watch television in the comforts of their home.

This lifestyle, plus the fact that they do not control their food intake is another big reason why people become obese.

Peer pressure and family

Peer pressure remains a problem that only the individual themselves can solve. Many people cave in to the persuasion and ‘threats’ of their friends to either drink alcohol or eat junk food. These victims normally have peers who are obese themselves. That being said, the influence and pressure given is not limited to only friends.

Most habits are cultivated when a person is young. A dysfunctional family will affect a kid’s behavior with the wrong kind of upbringing. Being influenced since they were young, they have accumulated unhealthy practices and habits. People who have been brought up in these families have been taught that they can eat junk food in excess and not exercise at all. In worst cases, these kids have been brought up with alcoholism and conflict in their lives.

Fast food and technology may be the causes of obesity but understanding the reasons behind them is far more important. By being aware of the reasons behind obesity, we can take another step forward to prevent it.



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