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Understanding the Capabilities of SharePoint Solution

  • By Steven Hays
  • Published 02/27/2012

Before you consider incorporating SharePoint, it is essential to have an idea about what this solution can do for your business. This solution makes it possible to speed up work processes, enhance productivity, utilise resources and cut down costs. If you were planning to try it, here is a quick update of what SharePoint Project Management tools are capable of doing.

Organise the way your business processes work with this solution. The standard tools of this system are capable of organising several business processes. You may also choose to customise the solution to suit the specific requirements of your business. It is possible to set up user accounts for the people working in the organisation as well as for the external people associated with your business.

Manage every document associated with your business processes throughout their lifecycle. The things you can do with this system include document checkout before editing, tracking any edits done to a document and restoring it to its original form. It is also possible to set separate security levels for different documents. Efficient document management makes it easy to keep track of every detail.

Interact with people within the office or anywhere in the world with the use of SharePoint solution. The online synchronisation capabilities available from this system make it possible to work even when you are on the move. With the use of this solution, individual users can log on to the website hosted on SharePoint and access the specific project or area where they work on.

Integrate with your existing tools and processes. As this software integrates seamlessly with the Microsoft Office tools, it is no tough task to incorporate it in a business. This saves costs and avoids complexities associated with implementation and use of something new. Moreover, the simplification of navigation due to the enhanced menus and views add to the improvement of the user interfaces.

Store and share details regarding the different business processes on the SharePoint Portal and make it easier for everyone working in the projects to find, access, retrieve and use these. Whether it is a excel sheet with customer details or a business plan in PDF format, it is possible to store and share this on the website. A shared calendar also makes it easy to keep track of events, targets, meetings, and so on.

Collaborate with the different easy-to-use tools available from this system. Whether you want to create a team workspace, edit and share a document, coordinate calendars, or do any such tasks, SharePoint ensures that you complete these tasks with minimal time and effort. Moreover, it also becomes easier to coordinate between individuals, teams and departments.

Secure the business information as per their importance level with this system. The advanced administrative controls available from SharePoint make it possible to set specific levels of security for specific items. You can create a team workspace, and provide definitive access to particular individuals only with this. Moreover, this is not a complex process, ensuring that the IT department does not have to handle any additional burden.

Author Bio: Steven Hayes works as a business consultant. He provides a brief overview of the ways in which SharePoint Project Management can be used to the advantage of your business.



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