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Understanding the Different Layers in an Innerspring Mattress

  • By Steven Hays
  • Published 02/27/2012

Finding the right mattress is necessary to ensure that you enjoy a good night’s sleep. There are no standard rules regarding which is the right mattress for you. It depends on the feel and support you want when you sleep. It is, therefore, a good idea to try out available options and select one that would provide adequate comfort and support for your body. Conventional innerspring mattresses are quite popular; however, other options available include polyurethane memory foam ones, air-filled ones, and spring mounted ones.

Before you visit the store of a bed supplier, it is necessary to have an idea about what features you need to look for in the mattress. A shop that offers a view of the cross-section of mattresses is a good choice. This would help you understand which one would be a better choice and the reasons for it. Here is a quick look at the different layers that make up an innerspring mattress.

The outermost layer, or ticking, is a contributory factor in the comfort the mattress offers. This is due to the stitching that attaches this layer to the top padding. If you want a soft, cushy feel in the mattress, opt for a large quilt pattern and if you want a firm feel choose one with a small pattern. The popular fabric used to make this layer is polyester or cotton-polyester. However, you may choose fancier materials like damask, micro suede, wool, silk, satin, and so on for a more comfortable feel.

The top padding, made from polyurethane foam, lies next to the ticking. This may be solid foam or egg crate foam depending on the firmness you wish for in your mattress. The solid foam ones are firmer than the ones with egg crate foam. This layer may or may not come with polyester batting. Choosing an affordable mattress with this layer ensures a soft feel and helps in dissipating sweat as well.

The coils provide the support for your body; the more heavy-gauge coils are, the stiffer the feel of the mattress would be. If you were looking for a springy one, it is better to choose one with lighter-gauge coils. Different types of coils are available – continuous wire, hourglass, pocketed, and so on. Close spacing of coils at the edges of the mattress ensure that you do not have the feeling of rolling off the bed. The same result can be achieved by stiff foam slabs or thick wire.

The box spring is necessary to provide support for the mattress. It is the thick wire enclosed within a wood frame. It is essential to consider the height of the box spring and the mattress when you buy to ensure that your bed is not too high. Consider buying a low box spring if you were investing in a thick mattress. This would make it easy to maintain the right height.

You may choose to purchase a topper for the mattress if you want an extra layer of comfort.

Author Bio: Steven Hayes is the editor of a home improvement magazine. He provides tips and suggestions when you are planning to buy an affordable mattress but do not want to compromise on quality.



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