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Understanding the Factors Affecting the Cost of Parcel Delivery

  • By Daniel Smith
  • Published 04/27/2012

When you need to send a parcel to another country, the first thing you look for is a courier service. Whether you are sending a personal item to a loved one or an important document to a business partner, one of the key concerns you are sure to have is regarding the cost. On what factors does the cost of a courier service depend? Understanding this is essential before you choose a particular service.

The weight of the object to be delivered is one of the primary factors affecting the cost. The courier company calculates the charge of the delivery as per the volumetric weight of the parcel, i.e. the bulk of the parcel. For this, the height, width, depth and size of the parcel are considered. Make sure you check the charges for sending parcels with different volumetric weights from various international courier services for comparison.

The time within which you need it to be delivered is another point that affects the cost of parcel delivery. If it is an urgent delivery, and you need the courier service to complete the task within a day, this may incur extra charges. Delivery services within a day or two are available from courier services; however, these come at higher charges. Enquire about the charges on same day or next day delivery.

The destination you send the object to is another factor that has an effect on the delivery charges. This does not imply that the distance between the place from where you send the parcel and the one where it is send to is the only factor. The transportation links, local courier charges, fuel prices and many other factors affect the cost associated with the delivery. Check the rates of parcel delivery to the particular destination beforehand.

The additional services you choose to avail are another thing to keep in mind when you are trying to understand how much an international delivery would cost. Take for example, the option of online tracking of the parcel. This service makes it possible to track the movement of the parcel you are sending at all times. Check whether there are any charges for such an extra facility.

Above all, the courier service of your choice is the factor that affects the amount you have to pay for the delivery. If you opt for a well-known courier service, like DHL courier service, the charges may be a little more than if you choose one that is starting out in this field. However, efficiency is your primary concern when you are sending an important item. Choosing well-known courier services ensures efficient and timely delivery of your parcel.

Do keep in mind that focusing only on the delivery charges alone is not a good idea when choosing a courier service. The reliability factor of the company matters most in this selection. Focusing on the quality of the service is essential when you are choosing a courier service for personal and professional deliveries. Try finding a courier service that offers timely deliveries at reasonable costs.

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Daniel Smith has been working as part of the courier industry in Ireland for quite some time now. He provides tips and suggestions for understanding the factors that affect the charges of an international courier. If you were looking for international service or a local one like van courier, he suggests you to visit to http://www.asapcouriers.ie/for more information.



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