Understanding the Short Term Effects of Alcohol


Authored by Veronika Fevers in Addiction
Published on 06-10-2009

Many individuals experimenting with alcohol are unaware of the short term effects associated with it. Alcohol consumption is related to many deaths. A great number of these could be prevented. It is for this reason that it is important to understand the short term effects alcohol.

Alcohol is dangerous and it is readily available for individuals over the age of 21 in the United States. It is found in many retail locations as well as dining establishments. The accessibility of alcohol makes it one of the most commonly abused addictive substances in the world. Occasional consumption can lead to habitual usage, and even alcoholism. As the short term effects of alcohol include loss of inhibitions, this makes it especially dangerous.

After the consumption of several drinks one’s judgment is compromised. This short term effect of alcohol can lead to its abuse. One drink can lead to binge drinking if the individual is prone to addictive behavior. In such circumstances alcohol poisoning can transpire. Alcohol poisoning can lead to death if medical treatment is not received.

Loss of judgment is a predominant short term effect of alcohol. Lack of judgment can affect those surrounding the individual consuming it as well. Often an increase in aggressive behavior is associated with alcohol consumption. This aggressive behavior can sometimes result in domestic violence and child abuse. When an individual is not thinking clearly, it is common that things can be said or done that under normal circumstances would not. Many instances of alcohol induced violence are not even remembered by the perpetrator. However, this short term effect of alcohol is not limited to aggression or violent behavior.

Another way the short term effects of alcohol can affect others is drunk driving. In an impaired state one’s physical coordination is also compromised. Many individuals under the influence of alcohol believe they are functioning fine. This lack of judgment can result in the individual’s misconception that they can drive safely. Drunk driving is by far the deadliest epidemic linked to the short term effects of alcohol. Over 100,000 people die annually due to accidents caused by drunk driving in the United States alone.

With coordination being compromised by the short term effects of alcohol, falls are also more likely to occur. While typically not as deadly as drunk driving, an individual under the influence of alcohol can injure themselves or others by falling. The short term effects of alcohol have caused drunken individuals to fall off balconies, cliffs, and through panes of glass.

Last but not least, the short term effects of alcohol can lead to unprotected sex. While under the influence of alcohol, both inhibitions and judgment are decreased. This can sometimes lead to unplanned pregnancy and the transmission of STDs including AIDS. This short term effect can lead to poor decision making that can change an individual’s life forever. Unprotected sex is a common factor associated with the short term effects of alcohol.

Once you understand the short term affects of alcohol it easier to put things in perspective. Always exercise moderation and if you are planning on drinking away from home, call a cab or select a designated driver. Hangovers are the least of your worries where alcohol is concerned.


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