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Understanding the Types and Storage Options of Divans

  • By Steven Hays
  • Published 02/27/2012

When you are looking for a good bed with adequate storage at an affordable price, a divan can be a good choice. An upholstered box with or without storage compartments is a divan. This type of beds remains a favourite for a number of reasons like comfort, practicality and affordability. Whether you visit the nearby furniture shop or buy beds online, finding the right divan is no tough task. However, before you start looking for divan beds, it is essential to have an idea about the common types available.

Sprung edge divans have pocket spring unit or complete open coil and are mounted on a frame. These provide even support for the body as the pressure is spread throughout the mattress. If luxury and durability are your primary goals, this is the right one for you.

Firm edge divans feature a rigid frame with a small number of large, heavy-duty springs, making them a durable option. These are good if you want to avoid the feeling of rolling off of your bed.

Solid platform top divans have a firm, non-sprung top. The material most often used for this top panel is hardboard. If budget is a concern, and you are not going to use it regularly, this may be the right one.

Flexible slatted divans feature slats of soft wood mounted on a frame. In some bases, these slats can be adjusted. This makes it possible to achieve the level of springiness you want in your bed.

Storage is another concern when you go out to buy a divan. You may opt for these bases without storage compartments. However, opting for ones with this feature offers you the advantage of stashing away things like bed linen, towels, and such others, and increasing the available space in your bedroom. Different divans have different types of under-bed storage, and you need to consider which one would be suitable for your home before you visit any bed stores to buy one.

Sliding storage compartments provides access to the interior storage space using sliding doors at the side or foot of the base. These are quite cheap; if budget is your top concern these are the suitable ones.

Drawers on either or both sides of the divans are also quite common. You may also opt for beds with drawers at the foot end. Smaller ones on the top can act as good substitutes for bedside tables.

Ottoman style storage offers access to almost the entire under-bed area. These feature a shallow platform top fitted to the base with hinges. Hydraulic springs make it easy and safe to lift the top and access the storage compartment.

Make sure you choose the type of divan and the storage it offers as per your requirement. If you were looking for a divan for your bedroom, opting for a sprung edge one with side drawers may be ideal. However, if you were looking for an affordable one for the guest room that is seldom used, you may opt for a platform top with Ottoman styled storage. Keep in mind the specific requirement and budget when you go shopping to ensure that you purchase the right one.

Author Bio: Steven Hayes is the editor of a home improvement magazine. He offers tips and suggestions for people planning to buy divans from bed stores.



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