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Understanding the Washing Needs of a Commercial Establishment

  • By Steven Hays
  • Published 05/4/2012

The type of laundry equipment you need for a commercial establishment depends on the type of cleaning needs the establishment have. Whether you operate an on-site laundry facility for an establishment or a separate laundry for commercial purposes, before buying commercial laundry equipment you need to understand what matters most for your specific type of business. Here are a few points that would help you understand which washing machines and dryers would be right for the business you operate.

For an on-site laundry in a hospitality unit: Whether it is a small restaurant or a luxury hotel, the topmost concern is to maintain the quality of the linen. Hospitality sector includes a number of establishments, like hotels, guest houses, leisure centres, clubs, spas, and such others. Continuous supply of clean and fresh linen is necessary, whether it is the fine table linen or the luxury bedspreads.

For an on-site laundry at a health care facility: If you are in charge of a hospital or a nursing home or any such facility, keeping the linen clean and disinfected is the primary concern. It is a good idea to opt for washing machines that have a hot water rinse cycle for disinfecting the dirty linen. This ensures decontamination of the linen and prevents any spread of infections or diseases.

For an on-site laundry in an industrial facility: For an industrial facility, the chief factor is the wash load. A heavy-duty washer and dryer are necessary for handling the huge bulk of dirty linen generated at these facilities. However, pre-treatment of the dirty linen may be necessary before putting them in the washer as the linen generated at these facilities is prone to spots and stains.

For an on-site laundry at an educational centre: Again, the wash load capacity is one of the important concerns when it comes to the laundry of the educational centres like schools, colleges, hostels, and such others. Another point to keep in mind is the different types of fabrics that the washing machines need to handle, including clothes and bed sheets, jerseys and sports wear.

For a separate laundry facility: If you operate a coin laundry or a Laundromat, the top concern is the efficiency of the machines. Commercial laundries need to wash different types of fabrics without causing any damage, within a short time and at low cost. Try finding washers and dryers that minimise water and energy use. Space necessary to set up the machines is also another factor to consider.

After you have assessed the requirements regarding the washers and dryers for the commercial establishment you operate, the next task is to find the right commercial laundry equipment suppliers. How do you choose the right supplier? Keep in mind the range of products available, the delivery and installation services, the prices and charges, and the warranties available when choosing a supplier. Also, check whether they provide washing machines for purchase and rent to suit your requirements.

Choosing the right equipment is an essential factor for success for a commercial laundry!

Author Bio:Steven Hayes is the owner of a commercial cleaning company that has been in business for more than a couple of decades. He provides tips and suggestions for businesses looking for commercial laundry equipment matching their requirements.



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