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Understanding Which Weights Would be Right for You

  • By Daniel Smith
  • Published 04/23/2012

Whether you are interested in strength training or bodybuilding, choosing the right equipment is important. Determining your objective is the first task. If you are looking for a fun way to keep fit, punch bags may be a good idea. On the other hand, if you are planning strength training, you need to determine which weights to use.

Choosing the right weights ensures that you build strength and avoid injuries at one go. Moreover, it also helps burn maximum fat within a short span of time. The exercises you would do and the techniques you would use along with the muscle groups you work on are important considerations when purchasing these exercise equipment.

Before you start looking for weights, it is necessary to assess your fitness goal. Different individuals have different objectives when exercising with weights. Some strive to build muscle mass, while others aim to tone their body. Again, some use weight training for losing fat quickly.

Make sure you have a clear idea about your exercise and fitness goal before you start shopping for the equipment. Here is a look at the types of weight training equipment you may choose for exercising.

Dumbbells offer an easy way to work on the upper body muscles to tone and shape them. It is possible to find dumbbells with fixed and adjustable weight. You need to choose the ones that provide you with a work-out where you can get the necessary repetitions without getting too tired. The chief advantage of these weights is that they are quite portable and do not take up much space in your home.

Barbells offer stable exercise without any risk of injuries. The best thing about barbells is that they come with flexible sets of weights and a weight bar that you may adjust according to the resistance you need for weight training. The versatility of this equipment makes it possible to exercise whatever your fitness goal is. Individuals also find it a better experience to work-out with these items.

Fly weights, used on fly machines, make it possible to work on different muscle groups of the body. However, the main focus of these weights is the shoulder and pectoral muscle groups. It is necessary to consider the weight of the bar when you are using this equipment along with the weights you add. This ensures that your work-out offers the desired results without the risk of injuries.

Kettlebells are round weights attached with a handle shaped like a kettle, hence the name. You need to find the right weight kettlebells for exercising different parts of the body. These are good for different types of exercises like squats, lunges, swings, get-ups and others. The chief reason individuals choose this equipment is because of their capability to combine weight training with cardiovascular work-out.

Weight machines have weights on both sides and handles attached to resistance cables. These machines let you work on different muscle groups in a single work-out. You can also adjust the weights you use when working out on this machine. It is better to get advice from a trainer to know the ideal weights when choosing this. However, these machines are suitable for setting up at home only if you have adequate space to spare.

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Daniel Smith is the editor of a sports and fitness magazine. He provides tips and suggestions for choosing exercise and fitness equipment for professionals and amateurs. Whether you were looking for exercise equipment like treadmills or sports items like hurling helmets, he suggests you to check out a GAA store. For more such items, visit http://www.mcsport.ie/.



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