Understanding Why Women Need Love and Men Need Respect

After the early stages of your relationship called the “honeymoon period,” you would need more than sex to keep your relationship together. It is not enough to have weekly dates or regular calls to show that you care. You should also make sure that your partner knows how much you really treasure him or her. If you want to stay together, you should work on your bond all the time.

When the fire of romance is starting to die down, it’s time for you to look at how you are treating your partner on a daily basis. You see, what a woman needs is love. She is looking for caresses and romantic moments with you. She wants you to treat her like a princess or a fragile crystal that you should handle with care.

Generally, a woman wants sweetness and time from their man. She can feel love when you tell her how much you miss and love her. Treat her as somebody special and she will love you back.

On the other hand, a man needs respect from his partner. Make him feel important when he’s around and always let him know that he is your number one priority. A man will feel loved when his woman respects his decision and supports him in everything he does.

Every time you’re with him, do you let him see that you took the time and effort to be pretty for him? Do you still wear sexy clothes, put on make-up, and fix your hair when you’re together. The number one thing that shocks men when they have a girlfriend or spouse for the longest time is that their physical appearance transforms after some time. When he looks at you, make sure that he sees the same girl he was attracted with the first time, not somebody who has become too fat or lazy to fix herself.

Does your face light up when you see your partner? Or you are not giving him due notice or recognition even if you know that he has already arrived in the scene, just because you are with your friends? These actions will definitely bring coldness into your partner’s heart.

Finally, words of compliments can do wonders for your intimate connection. No matter how much different men and women are, they both want to seek appreciation from their partners. Why don’t you greet your special someone with “You look so amazing!” Wouldn’t that lift up their spirits and boost their self-confidence? How about saying “I feel blessed that we are together” or “I’m glad I met you and now you’re a part of my life.” Wow, say these words out of the blue and it would truly melt your partner’s heart.

Truly, it is so wonderful to fall in love. However, staying in love does not come naturally. Couples that stay together for a long time need to work on their relationship. They understand that men and women have different needs. As such, you should be sensitive to these needs and fulfill them as much as you can. This would ensure a stronger and deeply satisfying love life.


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