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Underworld the War and Love between Vampire and Lycans

  • By Zetasler you
  • Published 12/29/2012

Since the birth of the film, the vampire and the werewolf has been the unfailing heat topics in the filed of Hollywood movie. And the Underworld made a further step in this field. Different from many great movies, the Underworld is not recomposed from any novels and comics. It tries to create a world which vampires and werewolf can coexist in. firstly introduced in 2003, this popular action 101 Dalmatians dvd movie is combined with both themes of vampire and werewolf to describe a mysterious and violent underworld. With the shocked visual effect as well as the mysterious and horrific vibe, the Underworld has made a great success. The story of the Underworld happens in a dark underworld which is unknown for all human. There are two strong races in this world: one is the noble, mysterious vampire family and the other one is the ruthless, wild and fierce werewolf. These two families are always hostile to each other for a very long time. They have fought for the absolute dominion for several centuries.

At a Fall night, Selene, who is the most excellent and ruthless woman in the vampire family, is hunting a group of werewolves. Accide

ntly she gets a massage Family Guy Season 9 DVD from a capture. The werewolves are planning to kidnap a human doctor Michael. She knows that is a part of the werewolf’s conspiracy. And she decides to check it by herself. Out of her expectation, she is hurt by the werewolves and saved by Michael finally. During their escape, they fall in love with each other. Nevertheless, the hostile families behind them are the big challenge for them. Whatever happens, these two families can not avoid a deadly war. It is inevasible that a war is going on between the vampire and the werewolf family…

The whole story happening on the protagonists or the war between the vampire and werewolf family is very exciting. And both two protagonists are very cool, which may be one of the most attractive points from this action movie. star trek the next generation dvd Some cheat shoots make the Underworld more fantastic and exciting. This year, the Underworld comes back with its fourth part. If you are interested in the stories about vampire or werewolf, don’t miss the Underworld.


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