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Uniball Jetstream Ballpoint Basic .7mm Red


The Uniball Jetstream ballpoint in red.

This is probably a shorter office supply review than you are used to here, but I realized I forgot to do something when I did my initial review of the Uniball Jetstream ballpoint pen in the past, so I wanted to revisit it for two reasons.  First and most importantly I love the Uni-ball Jetstream, even for a ballpoint they just write so well, and they look awesome too.  Second reason is because I picked up this red version of the Un-ball Jetstream from JetPens.com recently and I realized I never compared the Jetstream to a regular ballpoint pen.


Writing sample for a red Uniball Jetstream compared to that of a regular red ballpoint pen.  Writing sample done in a Whitelines notebook.

There are some pretty impressive qualities that you notice when writing with a Uni-ball Jetstream pen, most noticeable are the super smooth way that the pen glides over the paper, and the bright, intense color of the ink that the pen lays down.  The above scan shows something that I neglected to highlight in my first review of this pen, and that is how the Jetstream outshines (literally) a regular ballpoint pen with the visual quality of the line it puts down.  Even if you dont click on the scan above to see the bigger version, the difference is so stark between the two pens that you can still see it in the smaller thumbnail version.


Close up of the Jetstream compared to the regular ballpoint writing sample in a Whitelines notebook.

A closeup photo of the Uni-ball Jetstream writing sample reveals an even more drastic comparison of the two different ballpoint technologies and how they perform.  The vibrant and nearly 100% solid line that the Jetstream lays down has had me using this pen like crazy over the past few days just because I enjoy writing with it so much.  I’ve even taken to using the black and red versions of my Jetstream over my fountain pens, which surprised me when I realized what I was doing.  You will also notice something cool regarding the two writing sample pictures above.  They are both of the same exact page, but one is a scan and the other is a photo and you will notice that in the scan, the grey checks and white lines do not show as they do in the scan.  This is a result of the cool design of the Whitelines notebooks which I reviewed back here.

Anyway, like I said, this is a shorter review today, but I just thought it was important to point out the difference between the Uni-ball Jetstream and a standard ballpoint pen because there really is a world of difference, and there are some instances where a ballpoint is not only preferred, but required in order to have an ideal writing experience.  Check out the selection of Jetstream pens from JetPens.com (the pen in this review was not given to me as a review sample, I spent my own hard earned money on this one because I like them so much) if you are looking for a reliable ballpoint that you will love writing with.

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